A SCHOOL admissions policy co-ordinated with neighbouring areas will operate in Barnsley from next year.

Senior councillors have agreed arrangements for 2021/22 with local authorities which share a border with Barnsley.

The scheme for admission to primary and secondary schools is a mechanism which will enable the council to determine between potential offers of a place at more than one school.

“The scheme will now be widely publicised,” children’s spokesperson Coun Margaret Bruff said.

At the same meeting, the cabinet agreed to continue with a general schools admission policy agreed last year. Coun Bruff said there were no proposed changes to those arrangements.

The co-ordinated scheme will enable Barnsley to manage all applications for admission to school.

Regarding Barnsley residents, the authority can determine a single offer of a school place from potential offers at schools locally or any other authority. For those living outside Barnsley, the scheme won’t determine a single offer of a place to a child in another area.

Offers will be sent to parents on April 16, 2021, for primaries and March 1, 2021, for secondary schools.

Barnsley parents can express three preferences in rank order ands all three will be treated equally by the authority.

When none of the preferences can be met, a place will be allocated at the child’s nearest community or voluntary controlled school in Barnsley with places available.

Waiting lists will be set up for over-subscribed schools.