A TAXI driver who refused to carry four visually-impaired passengers and a guide dog on a pre-booked fare and subsequently had his operator’s licence revoked has failed in his appeal to overturn the decision.

The driver, whose name is redacted from a licensing board report, appeared at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court in July last year to appeal the council’s initial decision.

Referred to as ‘Mr K’ in the document, he refused to carry the passengers and their guide dog because of his ‘fear of animals’ and effectively left them stranded.

He was told to pay court costs of £900 to the council but, following a further appeal at Sheffield Crown Court in December, his bill was added to by £622.50 after a judge dismissed his bid.

The report said: “Four people booked a taxi and Mr K’s vehicle arrived equipped to carry those passengers. The passengers had a reasonable expectation they would be taken to their destination.

“He failed to articulate to the customers why he wouldn’t take them and they were subsequently left vulnerable.

“Being a licensed driver is a respected profession – Mr K dealt with the situation in an unprofessional manner and so we found him not fit and proper.”