A MULTI-MILLION pound transformation of Barnsley Hospital’s emergency department is expected to enter its second phase of work this month as part of a raft of changes.

The work, which will create a new look to the hospital on its Gawber Road side, will cost £3.5m and is expected to last for up to two years before it’s completed in spring next year.

A co-located children’s emergency department and child assessment unit will provide an ‘improved patient experience’ and enable the hospital to free up its capacity – a 50 per cent increase in major bays – to treat adults in the current emergency department.

There will also be a new ambulance entrance – finished this week – and associated engineering works for traffic management due to the placement of the new building on the front of the current emergency department.

A hospital statement said: “The engineering works at the front of the hospital for the new ambulance area were completed this week. We are very happy to report this is the first milestone for the project.

“Phase two for the new building is expected to start this month and information will be published for patients and visitors shortly.”