RESIDENTS were left gobsmacked after a man described how he and his wife were attacked in their home, in front of their disabled child, and police failed to pursue the incident.

During the Shafton Parish Council meeting on Monday, Dr Alan Billings, the Police and Crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, attended the meeting.

During a discussion about the increase of crime in the area, a resident stood up and explained that his wife, who works in a bar, had been involved in an argument and threats were made against her and her husband.

Four people then entered her home and began to stamp on the gentleman’s head, while his wife was assaulted. The incident was witnessed by their 16-year-old disabled child.

Following the incident, they called 999 however no police attended on the night, and a while later the couple were invited to Wombwell police station to provide a statement.

The couple were later informed by the police that it as too late to pursue the case and it ‘would go nowhere’ so therefore they should consider dropping the case.

The man said at the meeting: “One of the people who attacked us had no criminal record and was a victim of crime himself because he’d had a car stolen. My wife dropped the case because of the stress but my case is still ongoing.

“I just don’t know what to say to my son. How can I teach him to trust the police when he has witnessed this?

“His routine has been disrupted because of this and each night at the time the incident occurred he’s asking if the doors are locked because he’s scared. What do I say to my son?”

CCTV evidence had been presented to police, but it was unclear what progress had been made.

Dr Billings said: “I am very distressed to hear what you have said. If someone is a vulnerable person, they should be dealt with immediately and properly. What you have described is not what we would expect. I would like to take that up. It is shocking.

“It is made clear if you have a vulnerable person that is top priority. We need to follow it up.”