YOUTHS are ‘destroying their village’ following a rise in antisocial behaviour in Royston, a meeting was told.

During a heated discussion at the Royston PACT meeting (Police And Communities Together), residents spoke of their distress at the rise in antisocial behaviour.

One resident said youths were playing ‘chicken’ with their lives, riding bikes in front of cars and swearing at motorists.

A resident on Poplar Terrace said he feels like he ‘lives in a prison’ as he is forced to lock his gates each night and doesn’t dare let his dogs outside.

He said youths were hanging out in big groups, trampling on flowers, emptying bins and using foul language, but before police arrive, they’ve disbanded.

Sgt Richard Wilson said: “There is nowhere for the youths to go and we do spend a lot of time interacting with them.

"It’s not an offence for them to congregate and youths will have a tendency to disband and find another area to congregate.

“PC Sam Whitehead regularly patrols Royston Park and other areas.”