A FORMER Barnsley FC striker has achieved another goal by opening a new church.

Bruce Dyer, 44, has founded Love Life UK Church, based on Blucher Street, in a bid to create a place for people to come and learn more about God.

The church is based in the same building that missionary James Hudson Taylor, the founder of the China Inland Mission, attended.

The Salem Wesleyan Reform Church merged with Hunningley WR church and keen to keep the building as a practising church, allowed Bruce to use the building to continue his work.

“There is a lot of history in the church and it felt right to take on this building at this time,” said Bruce.

“Our church is a place where you can come and meet, and learn more about Jesus. I want to help people spiritually.”

The family based church is non-denominational and Bruce is the Pastor. He began leading the church two years ago but it’s only this year its members decided to find a place of their own and launch officially.

The church is open to all ages and they have individuals who teach Sunday school and youth church. The church officially held its first service on Sunday.

Bruce said: “The building was dedicated the week before and we had a wonderful first church service. At the moment we have around 30 people in our congregation. We love Jesus and we love the community.”

The service will be held each week from 4pm to 6pm.