SEVEN new bin lorries have been added to Barnsley Council’s fleet as part of a wider £5.7m plan to replace 149 ageing vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz Econics, which have 7.7-litre diesel engines, produce 20 per cent less C02 levels than the models they have replaced.

Most are making fortnightly collections of recyclables – cans, glass and paper – although the council has also committed a couple to its ‘grey waste’ rounds.

Cabinet spokesman Coun Chris Lamb said: “The vehicle replacement strategy aims to improve the equipment used by services within the council and its partners.

“The proposed upgrades will have a positive impact on the council’s service delivery, providing a more efficient and reliable service for our residents.

“The new vehicles will have the latest safety technology installed and save us time and money. They will also help us to meet our aims of achieving improved air quality across the borough.”