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Cashpoint cons: how to spot a dodgy ATM

Wednesday August 5 2015

A police detective explains how fraudsters tamper with a cashpoint – and what to do if you become a target of ATM fraud.

Hidden cameras and devices designed to steal your Pin and debit card at the cashpoint cheat British cardholders out of £27.3 million every year. 

Even the most harmless-looking ATMs can contain a card-trapping device and at the same time spy on your every movement as you type in your Pin number.

Once a fraudster has your card and Pin details in hand, they can instantly withdraw your savings or empty your account on a spending spree.

But how can you possibly tell if the cashpoint you are about to use has been tampered with?

Tony Blake, fraud prevention officer from the police's card and payments unit, says cashpoint cons can be impossible to spot until you have become a victim. But it's not too late to protect your savings, as Mr Blake explains in the video, above, revealing what to do if you become an unlucky target.

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