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Library Campaigners Protest Outside Town Hall

Wednesday January 29 2014

The 'Hands Off Our Library' group turned out in force on January 29 to form a 'human chain of democracy' around the town hall.

Barnsley Council's ruling cabinet met later on in the morning to hear the results of the library's consultation and decide the fate of the Shambles Street building.

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Reply Posted by ben townend on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:09
hope it gets knocked down its a horrible looking building

Reply Posted by chester on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:10
knock it down

Reply Posted by Ray on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:48
Isn't it funny how you always see the same people at protests regradless of the cause. Lady no1 and Dave gibson

Reply Posted by Dan on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 17:30
Knock it down.

Reply Posted by GRIM on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 21:27
Cons for moving to Wellington House.

Wellington House is 40% smaller that the current site (Do they realise that the 2nd of the library is no longer used, as Archives is now part of the museum.
Do they realise that the 1st floor of the library is actually only part used because the building is an Atrium in style. Buy definition, much of space in the currently library is dead space. The conference rooms in the basement are rarely used. I'd say about 40% of the current library isn't used.)

Not part of the Cultural Quarter of barnsley that houses the museum, civic, cooper gallery, cinema etc (Great... lets extend that area. culture can be all over town).

Its next to pubs (no. Its next to one pub which very rarely has trouble, Chicagos night clubs is closed down. The current site is actually surrounded by more pubs).

Its in an isolated area (the current library is seperated from the shopping area of town and his on top of a hill. This automatically cuts off many potential visitors to the libary).

It's just a way for the council to make money (good. All councils need to make money.All councils are in debts. Selling off an area suchs as Shambles Street is a good thing).

Reply Posted by Ray on Thursday January 30 2014 at 08:44

Regarding the 3 million shortfall does he think all the assets and fittings will be burnt? I don't think the "move" part has registered with the protestors

Reply Posted by regularlibraryuser on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 21:33
were these same protestors demonstrating when the library was moved out of the Civic in the late 60s and when Tithe Barn was demolished to make way for the current library and the awful concrete mess that is Shambles Street?

Reply Posted by rainbow on Saturday February 1 2014 at 09:20
The people who want the library demolished are the very people who would benefit most by going to a library. They could have built a new library along with the new sixth form college, but the council are just getting rid of what they see as a loss making asset. It's very doubtful if any of Barnsley's Labour Group has ever read a book let alone visit a library.

Reply Posted by mike on Saturday February 1 2014 at 19:18
We always use our local library and only use the main library if in town. When we've been there at a guess there is less than 50 people on site. The other problem is, it is out of the way and up a hill (not good for old people or people with disabilities/illnesses), ideally needs to be easily accessible and closer to the centre as possible

Reply Posted by June on Thursday February 6 2014 at 12:36
The fact is that if there were figures showing that the library is being used enough then it wouldn't even be considered.

Move it, make it more accessible and stop moaning for the sake of it

It's not bloody closing it's moving

Spend time, money and effort on something else