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Running In Slow Mo - What's Going On In Barnsley?

Tuesday December 20 2011

The Wayne Sables Project has teamed up with James Brunt from the Newham Barnsley Partnership for an awareness campaign in Barnsley today (December 20.) A flash mob ran in slow motion to the theme tune from Chariots Of Fire to raise awareness of 2012 day for the Olympics.

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Reply Posted by Sammiiee Mumtobe Almond on Tuesday December 20 2011 at 19:02
what happened to the sound?

Reply Posted by Barnsleyartcritic on Thursday December 22 2011 at 00:28
So, are you telling me you actually practised slow-motion running because it's certainly not clear from the video. I'm also interested by the phrase "we worked". Worked? Interesting choice of vocabulary.
I'm sure this is all very worth-while (although this is far from clear from this video) but 15 assorted people doing the ministry of silly walks in Barnsley is certainly no spectacle and hardly warrants the kind of cash that clearly changed hands, especially in the direction of the self-grandiosing Wayne Sables