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Ebonie Webb - The Game Plan

Saturday April 9 2011

We Are Barnsley is asking the town to join them on April 21 for a mammoth fund-raising effort for Ebonie Webb. Since it's just before the Easter weekend, we're asking you to host a dress down day in your workplace and perhaps even hold a bake sale to collect money for Ebonie. We reckon if we can get a chunk of Barnsley to take part - we will raise a fair old chunk towards the cash the family need for her life-saving treatment.

One thing Ebonie doesn't have is time - so we're promoting things for her as best we can. We want to help get this little girl the £70,000 she needs to send her to America for the pioneering treatment.

If you are holding a fund-raiser for Ebonie or if you have ideas of what we can do to help - please comment on this page (things get lost on the wall on Facebook as we have to scroll through pages and pages of posts!)

So - if you've already arranged something, or if you want to arrange something, write it here and we will try to help where we can. Also - we're thinking of recruiting WAB volunteers to send with a bucket to every village in Barnsley....as they say, every little helps!


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Reply Posted by jill martin on Saturday April 9 2011 at 08:06
if you get in touch with matalan cortonwood they will let you do a tombola stall or cake sale our son has an inoperable tumour we will be in matalan on 21st i will make you a donation from wat we make you can email me bjmartin58@hotmail.com i will try and arrange a beetle drive at st pauls monk bretton to help if you want me to love n best wishes to you all jill martin x

Reply Posted by Lucyhiggs on Saturday April 9 2011 at 15:40
I'm away from barnsley at uni at the moment so it'd be difficult for me to arrange anything but do have some suggestions for Ebonie's fundraising. Some of the best fundraisers are children. I'm sure local schools would jump at the chance to help out. If they did a non-uniform or fancy dress day and every child paid a pound to do so thats about £200 a primary school, £1500 per secondary school, plus any events such as cake sales, sponsored silences etc. also im sure that local kids dance schools, drama groups, football teams could put on events for parents and family and friends. Another suggestion i'd like to make is maybe somebody could set up one of those online donation things for her, so people who are maybe housebound, or full time workers or living away such as myself can have a chance to donate even if they can't make it to the events. If every WABer donated £1, you'd raise over £12000. Get them to donate a fiver each and you nearly have the total amount! Everyone has been touched by Ebonies story i'm sure lots of people would donate. Hope this is benificial :) xx

Reply Posted by www.zumbajanbarnsley.co.ik on Friday April 15 2011 at 06:34
I'm currently running an Easter raffle at my Zumba classes and so far my participants have donated over 30 prizes they have been so generous! It's drawn on Thu 21st so will let u know our total then. There's already 33 pounds in the pot from some year 11's and teachers at Wombwell high after a charity Zumba class and we're due to do another before they leave. It seems everyone's pulling together towards Ebonie's cause it's fantastic!

Reply Posted by Tate Helen on Saturday April 16 2011 at 06:59
I think Lucys idea of online donation is a great idea! As you say WAB has 12,000 friends and if you ask every one just to donate a couple of quid you would be away!! Come on Barnsley lets show Ebonie just how caring us Barnsley people are !!xx

Reply Posted by on Monday April 18 2011 at 13:55
Joseph Locke Primary School are keen to help raise funds for Ebonie. Unfortunately we are closed now until Tuesday 26 April. We will be having some sort of fundraiser as soon as we get back, but if you have any ideas or suggestions for us they would be gratefully received.

Helen Sellars
Business Manager
Joseph Locke Primary School

Reply Posted by WAB-Nicky on Wednesday April 20 2011 at 11:11
Lots of good ideas but we need our community to take up the challenge and arrange stuff. We'd have been all for getting people to donate money ... but we tried this before for the Hospice and raised £84. The problem is that to do it online, through a site like Just Giving, it has to be a minimum donation of £2. Just think though, if every street in Barnsley had a door to door collection we'd get there lickety split!

Reply Posted by Emily Thackray on Thursday July 28 2011 at 14:23
hi there i'm going to try and arrange a fundraiser at uni, people usually give pretty generously towards them so hopefully that will raise a decent amount!!