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Michael Dugher live on WAB Radio!

Tuesday June 11 2013

MP Michael Dugher popped down to present his own show, featuring guests from Live In Barnsley. Josh asked him some of your questions and he discussed food banks, the so-called 'bedroom tax' and of course the Town Hall sculpture!

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday June 12 2013 at 06:17
Will WAB be giving any radio time to opposition politicians or is it a Labour only radio station.!!!

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday June 13 2013 at 14:51
Think you're reading too much into it... Dugher's a Barnsley MP - what's up with promoting a local music festival?

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Wednesday August 28 2013 at 15:32
Rainbow .What's the Tories interest in Barnsley. They don't give a shit about the country never mind Barnsley That's unless your in the millionaires club of course !

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday September 10 2013 at 16:19
Millionaire's club, it would be nice, but no I did 40yrs mining which is more work than Dugher will ever do, he left school and became a politician sucking up to Gordon Brown.