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Nostalgia Show - Have Your Eating Habits Changed?

Wednesday September 12 2012

We Are Barnsley’s Peter and Mark will return this week with their Thursday night nostalgia show on WAB radio.

The theme this week is food and how our eating habits have changed over the last few decades.

Meat and tatie pie was once a staple - but has it now been replaced by Sushi and pasta?

Do you think food offerings have changed? What were your best old school meals?

Comment here and join our debate to fire up the presenters ready for the show.

If you've never heard the memories show before, click play and hear the one we did on market nostalgia.

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Reply Posted by Chrissie on Wednesday September 12 2012 at 21:35
my eating habit have changed but only because I trained to be a chef so I know the importance of a balanced diet etc

Reply Posted by Jayne on Wednesday September 12 2012 at 21:38
When I was at Milefield school in Grimethorpe back in the 80's my favourite school dessert was the chocolate sponge pudding and chocolate sauce mmmm.We had to cut it into 8 portions and whoever was the server always stuck their finger into the biggest portion so no one else could have it......Real good memories