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Homework: A WAB Debate

Friday March 16 2018

A NEW survey suggests that parents in the UK are less likely to spend more than an hour per day helping with their children's homework compared with parents in other countries. Do you help your kids with their homework? And do you think they get too much?

A survey of 27,830 parents in 29 countries found only 11 per cent of UK parents spent an hour per day helping their children, far behind 62 per cent in India.

Meanwhile, a report for the Department for Education published in 2014, concluded that students in Year 9 who spent between two and three hours on homework on an average week night were almost 10 times more likely to achieve five good GCSEs (A*-C) than students who did no homework at all.

But how much homework is too much? Do you think homework is getting harder? Do you help your kids with theirs?

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