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Police Operation Targets Buses

Tuesday July 17 2012

FIVE passengers were detained by police for having forged weekly bus passes, as part of a crackdown.

Police Community Support Officers and special constables checked 34 buses travelling in to Barnsley town centre, checking for bus pass irregularities and fare evasion.

There was also a 'trojan' bus which patrolled routes in Barnsley, and stopped to seize alcohol from youths, as well as clamping down on antisocial behaviour .

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Reply Posted by king louis on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 14:02
they checked 34 buses and had a trojan bus running...what the hell did it all cost and does the taxpayer pick up the bill?..should not the private bus companies pay for this service themselves or are the police going to check cinema tickets from now on...or is that the cinema's business?

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 14:45
sounds like a good use of police resources. Lets not forget if the heathen offenders were caught a real police officer would have to be called to do the arrest. god forbid people on busses with forged documents! I wasn't aware of the seriousness of this crime. Im so happy that Barnsley has solved it's drug crime antisocial crime, caught all the people driving without car tax and insurance, caught all the burglars dealt with all the anti social behaviour, stopped all the graffitti got rid of all the drunk/druggies, and focussing on the real issue of a private bus firm having problems with 5 people on 34 not aving the right pass. Whats next aresting oaps for trying to get on the bus before their pass is valid? Strewth, and the force has been cut.

Reply Posted by guest on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 15:17
king louis - suggesting this is not police business is the same as saying they should not deal with shoplifters. Forging bus tickets is still theft.

Reply Posted by king louis on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 19:22
Guest - the police don't work in the store checking peoples receipts though do they?....they arrest shoplifters after the business had done there bit in catching them....this bus ticket thing is not the same

Reply Posted by Gail on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 22:36
The crime is called "THEFT OF SERVICES"
or "The Theft Act 1978: Obtaining services by deception"
Of which can lead to 6 months imprisonment & £1000 fine

The operation is carried out by Stagecoach Inspectors in conjunction with Police community support officers and special constables at no cost to the taxpayer.


Reply Posted by onlooker on Wednesday July 18 2012 at 05:23
it wont last long..its a "pacyifying" the public stunt...welll some of them, by the police.

Reply Posted by Gail on Wednesday July 18 2012 at 08:42
Stagecoach carry out these operations on a weekly basis

Reply Posted by Becky on Wednesday July 18 2012 at 10:51
Everytime there is a story on here someone moans about how much it has cost them in tax. For God's sake get over it! We pay tax and the government spends it on things they feel need addressing. Why should these people get away with it? It's not fare on those honest people who buy a ticket. If everyone got a forged ticket then it would end up costing the tax payer in the long run because money to run public transport has to come from somewhere. A small amount of tax money spent on a clamp down to stop thiefs is a small amount of tax money well spent! And the bus companies do do the work themselves as I witnessed them confiscate a MI card the other day that was so scratched you couldn't see the photo.

Reply Posted by Glen Martin on Saturday July 21 2012 at 19:18
i'm not going to go on about what a waste of tax payers money or anything because that's just stating the obvious, but what about the waste of police time? a mean come on a weekly bus pass is what? £10 or something, wouldn't we as human beings rather see police out catching real criminal for example murderers & rapists? that's what i think any way.

Reply Posted by elle on Saturday July 21 2012 at 19:25
oh my word!!! why should people get away with it same reason why the goverment gets away with robbing us legally ,,, personally i could think of a lot more worthwhile jobs the police could be doing ... such as stopping the abuse burglary etc on the older generation by patrolling more often ... as for the police on the buses thats what comedians they look like frank spencer etc lol ... they even need a badge to remember their name ... i had my shed broke into do you think if i ask a officer to keep stake out in my shed they would be happy to do it ,,, blumming heck i didnt realize how much this country as brainwashed people