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Public Health England wants to cut portion sizes: Do we eat too much?

Tuesday March 6 2018

HEALTH chiefs plan to cut portion sizes of takeaway meals and supermarket ready meals in a bid to combat obesity. But do you think we eat too much?

Public Health England says that popular fast food restaurants like McDonald's must cut the calories in the meals they provide by 20 per cent by 2024.

Another option is for the food industry to use less fattening ingredients in their products.

PHE says if it doesn't see an improvement, it would be prepared to go to the government and ask for new legislation.

The health body says that children eat up to 500 too many calories a day, while figures show two in three adults are overweight.

It is targeting 13 popular foods that are not already in the government’s sugar reduction programme.

These include pizzas, snacks, ready meals including sandwiches, some meat products, cooking sauces, chips, crisps and “composite salads” such as hummus or coleslaw.

The agency is also launching a campaign encouraging adults to consume 400 calories at breakfast and 600 each at lunch and dinner - just 1600 calories in total.

Currently the recommended daily allowance for an adult male is 2500 calories, and 2000 for a female.

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