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Car Insurance Premiums Rocket For Speeders - What Do You Think?

Tuesday July 17 2012

RESEARCHERS have revealed the cost of being caught speeding is causing insurance premiums to rocket.

The study - by Road Pilot - shows that drivers who have been hit by fines and penalty points had to pay almost 20 per cent more for their car insurance.

And some insurance companies are now refusing cover for drivers caught twice and getting six points.

What do you think? Will the clampdown stop speeders? Or is capping insurance at six points too harsh?

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Reply Posted by Guest on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 15:23
It's right that drivers with the worst record or highest risk pay more, but the downside if this goes too far is that people don't get insurance at all and drive uninsured. If they are involved in an accident with another vehicle the person not at fault will end up footing the bill through lost no-claims bonuses because there is no-one to claim against.

Reply Posted by guest 2 on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 22:43
it is dam right disgusting its always the drivers that get penalised in this country the amount of money they make of the motorist. well lets say dick Turpin wore a mask........ plus they don't make it fair I drive all over the country with work and can clock up 100,000 miles a year getting to various location to perform my duties and a local lad can pass his test and just drive within the Barnsley boarders maybe racking up a few thousand miles a year yet if i get caught out on a road I am not used to or the speed limit has been changed and i risk not being able to get insurance at home not to mention lose my job and they say that's fair I have never had an accident in 15 years of driving but over the years i have gathered point and had to run them out so how can any one compare who is the highest risk or not there is no comparison......

Reply Posted by boston on Tuesday July 17 2012 at 23:12
i was always lead to believe the fine and points put on were for the courts too keep an eye on you and then ban you when you got too 12 points, not for the insurance companys too make large sums off money !

Reply Posted by Bec on Wednesday July 18 2012 at 10:57
Surely if you were unaware of a speed limit on a road you would stick to 30mph until you see a sign?
People who speed are more likely to have an accident but not only that IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. My grandad was knocked over and killed a few months ago and yet people are still doing 40mph on the 30mph road. I don't think it's a case of putting insurance up. If you get caught twice it should be a ban. Once fair enough it can be an accident if you are looking at the sat nav and trying to co-ordinate a tricky stretch of road you might go a few mph over but people who are caught speeding time and time again are causing a risk to those drivers who stick to the rules.

Reply Posted by king louis on Monday July 23 2012 at 03:26
Sometimes the law is wrong, it's should be there to punish or re-educate offenders but the scamera's are mostly there to raise money through the courts. It's the money raising exersice that people dislike and this is what the insurance companies are doing too. Speeders that have never been in any way involved in a crash dont cost the insuance companies anything. That's a fact!!!! Surely it's when claims are made against them that they should penalise the driver. Not use any excuse for another "finance" business to screw more money from the comon man when in fact they get nothing what-so-ever more for their premiums

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 09:57
I was on m62 where the delightful merseyside police left a speed camera up after road works had finished, I was doing 70 in what was a 50 when the roadworks were ongoing and it was poorly signposted. I disputed this to no avail didnt get offered the speed awareness course, due to the margin over the speed limit and now have 3 point on my licence, I may as well not have any no claims (5 years) now as my insurance has rocketed by over 20%

In short it's just a money making thing as now I have to pay over the odds until my points are spent. To make it worse the post office lost my licence sending it back so I probably have my id stolen as well

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday July 31 2012 at 16:01
i live on a 30mph road and the average speed of drivers is 45mph i would like nothing better than a speed camera or a mobile unit to come and park on the road it would be like an outdoor disco the amount of times it would flash i for one would be dancing!!

Reply Posted by savo on Wednesday August 1 2012 at 17:27
I agree speed is my bug bear as i always think that could be a member of my family being hit by speeding drivers!!! I'm a driving instructor and always drill it into my pupils the dangers of speeding, The problem is people do not understand how dangerous speein is untill they either have an accident or near miss, by that time it could be too late.

Reply Posted by me on Wednesday August 1 2012 at 21:12
i know a chap-passed away now bless him --mr corbett was one of nice chaps he got done for going up a dead end street too slow--why because kids run out often in front of cars--he was thinking of the kids not himself but was done for this--