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Should the National Anthem be taught in schools?

Wednesday January 17 2018

AN MP has called for the National Anthem to be sung in schools as part of the curriculum. Do you agree? And are you happy with our National Anthem God Save The Queen? Or should it be something else?

Andrew Rosindell is promoting the introduction of teaching God Save The Queen to pupils, in a bid to encourage young people to feel a sense of “national identity”.

He said: “We have generations of young people who don’t know the words of the national anthem and don’t understand the importance of national identity and it’s traditions.

“Singing the national anthem can provide a great sense of unity, and disrespecting or disowning the anthem is a cause for division.

“If we are serious about encouraging a sense of citizenship, the national anthem should be on the curriculum, the government already recommends citizenship studies in schools.”

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