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What should be the punishment for skiving school?

Tuesday January 9 2018

CHILDREN were found to be skiving school after the council and police officers targeted truancy hotspots last month. But what should be the punishment for skiving?

Barnsley interchange, Cheapside, Mandela Gardens and the Alhambra were visited by the patrol during a school day in December.

In total, 31 children were stopped and challenged on their reasons for absence from school.

Eleven were primary school age and 20 were secondary school age. Of those - 14 secondary school children were unaccompanied.

The reasons given by parents and pupils who were stopped included that pupils were on alternative or reduced provision, had been excluded from school, were awaiting school places, were being home educated as well as general illness and medical appointments.

Two parents gave the icy weather as a reason their children were not in school - but it was found three young people had left their school site without permission and six were on their way to school but running late.

Has your child ever skived off school? Do you take your child out of school unauthorised? What should the punishment for truancy be? Leave your comments below.

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