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Are school rules too harsh?

Wednesday September 13 2017

ANGRY parents have slammed a troubled school for its "Army-like" rules that force children to have a 9pm bedtime and a 6.30am alarm set. Are schools too harsh with some of their rules? Are there any rules at your child's school that you disagree with?

Pupils at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy are also being warned they will be given buckets to be sick in if they need to vomit in class and their mobiles will be taken away for weeks if seen.

One rule states: "We all know children say things like that to get out of work.

"You never pretend to be ill to get out of work because we expect you to work through it. If you feel sick we will give you a bucket. If you vomit - no problem! You've got your bucket.

"That's probably all your body wanted - to vomit. If you are really ill we will make sure you get all the attention you need."

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