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How can we help children with health and fitness outside of school?

Wednesday July 26 2017

NEW research says that summer holidays are bad for children's health, with youths being “plonked in front of screens” and losing most of the fitness they gain at school. This week's WAB Debate asks: What can be done to help keep children fit and healthy outside of school?

A study found that, on average, British school children lose 80 per cent of the fitness they build up during term time when they're off, with activities such as summer camps and sports clubs too expensive for many parents.

The study by UK Active measured 400 pupils before and after the summer holidays, and found they were able to run significantly less distance before stopping with exhaustion after the summer break.

Are there enough summer camps and sports clubs locally? Do they need to be more affordable? Are you concerned about your child's health and fitness outside of school?

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