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Should all school sports days be competitive?

Wednesday July 12 2017

Should all sports days be competitive? Should all sports days be competitive?

A LEADING sports psychologist says that schools should scrap non-competitive sports days and make them competitive and fun.

Speaking of the idea of a ‘non-competitive’ sports day, Amanda Hills from British Psychological Society’s Sport and Exercise division said: "It doesn’t teach children anything useful, because life is competitive, and they have to learn to lose as well as win.”

She also said it is unfair not to celebrate the achievements of a sporty child.

However, she also said she believes there is a risk of poisoning sport with too much competition, particularly with younger children.

She added: "Any sports day needs to be fun, because children will remember any positive or negative feelings to do with sport from that age. If they have a negative experience, it could put them off doing sport until their 20s.”

Does your local school hold competitive or non-competitive sports days? Should they be competitive? Or should it be the taking part that counts?

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