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Barnsley's roads above national average

Wednesday April 12 2017

Barnsley Council has announced the findings Barnsley Council has announced the findings

BARNSLEY'S roads are above the national average in terms of their quality - according to a new survey.

The latest annual highway survey shows that 98 per cent of Barnsley’s A roads and 94 per cent of the borough's B and C roads are classified as being structurally sound.

The findings are above the national average of 96 per cent of A roads and 93 per cent of B and C roads.

Each year, the survey is carried out by an independent contractor to meet government guidelines.

Performance indicators are then calculated from the findings, which compare the condition of the highway networks with all local authorities.

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Reply Posted by The Observer on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 11:14
Let the moaning commence..........

Reply Posted by Ed on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 15:11
The Observer, It's having an opinion, why don't you try it sometime.

Reply Posted by BUTTERCUP1707 on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 13:36
Hmm. You obviously do not drive a car and I would not like to disappoint you...... It is not moaning it is quite simply stating a fact. Barnsley roads are an absolute disgrace. If they are the best in the country then I shudder to think what others counties roads are like. I and other drivers are sick to the back teeth of high garage bills for repairing our vehicles caused by the state of the roads. On a more serious safety point, Motor Bikes and Cyclists are at more risk of coming off or causing a serious possible fatal accident if they hit a bad area of road and that is hard to do as there are so many bad parts. The Council should spend more of OUR money on repairing and making good the road system rather than silly roundabout so called art and water features. I agree in making Barnsley a better place to visit but not if getting here buggers up your vehicle.... The Observer, the moaning will commence for those who live in the real world not just Observing it from their window. It is called a debate anyway, not moaning....... Get a grip!

Reply Posted by Me, Here, Now on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 14:02
Now I know for sure the World`s gone mad.
Who conducted this survey? the same contractor being awarded all the works for the renewed town centre by any chance?
I`m contemplating trading my car in for a tractor to cope with our well maintained road network of sunken man-holes, pot holes and broken surfaces - and that`s just on the main A-roads.

Reply Posted by Alexa on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 14:21
The Observer.

You have obviously never sat in a low sports car while driving or have never been on a bus going to Barnsley. Because if you had, you'd be "moaning" like the rest of us are.

And if the roads are so great, then why are they constantly digging the roads up. Roads they have just laid?

As BUTTERCUP1707 said. If the roads are considered good in this country, I'd hate to see what others look like.

Reply Posted by Mr D on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 15:52
Buttercup - where does it say that Barnsleys roads are the best? You say you're quoting facts buy then don't??
Alexa you do realise that the vast majority of road works you see are utility companies undertaking repairs to gas, water, electric etc.

Reply Posted by Alexa on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 16:59
Yes I do realise that, but most of the time, it's when they're trying to fix the roads, they dig them back up after, or just make the roads worse. And I think buttercup meant that by saying the roads are bad, is stating a fact, and not moaning.

Reply Posted by Dave Moncreif on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 16:19
One word - Castlereagh street, I need not say anything more on this subject.

Reply Posted by Nigel Davey on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 17:49
Alexa, read what Buttercup wrote. He is completely misquoting the article. Nowhere does it say that the roads are the best. A survey suggests that A and B classified roads are above average - not the best, but above average. Where are these roadworks that you refer to where the Council dig up completed works just out of interest?

Reply Posted by Alexa on Friday April 14 2017 at 10:04
Cudworth, Lundwood, Wombwell, Darfield, Barnsley, Park Springs road, Shafton the list goes on.

And who's to say that buttercup is a he.

Reply Posted by FAO Dave Moncreif on Thursday April 13 2017 at 10:48
Dave, "Castlereagh street" is two words, not one.

Reply Posted by Ken on Monday April 17 2017 at 11:31
Some folk would argue black is white.
Most of the folk moaning never set foot out of Barnsley they have no clue about other areas.

Reply Posted by steve on Wednesday April 19 2017 at 10:30
We are entitled to moan, We are one of the most heavily taxed nations on earth and the money collected from us should be spent on the things it is raised for. If my tyres were in the condition that our roads are in I would be in trouble. Tyres have to be in good condition to grip for safety but the only contact they have is the road surface but that can be allowed to be in any state. I have often had to replace steering and suspension components on my cars and these parts would last the life time of the car if they were not bashed to pieces on our excuse of road surfaces. We blunder on from year to year with the same tiny road maintenance budgets but can find unlimited money to spend on traffic lights and fancy kerbs and paving. Sheffield are having all their road surfaces renewed why can;t our council fight for the same for Barnsley?

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