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New McDonald's set to open in town centre

Friday April 7 2017

A NEW McDonald's could open in the town centre after the fast food giant submitted a planning application to Barnsley Council. 

The popular chain has applied to redevelop the former Gala Bingo site at the junction of Upper New Street and Thomas Street, opposite Morrisons.

It means there would be two McDonald’s within a mile of each other, in addition to the one at Stairfoot.

A McDonald’s spokesman told the Barnsley Chronicle: “We can confirm an application has been submitted for a new restaurant on Upper New Street in Barnsley.

"A new opening would bring additional and significant investment to the local community and provide 65 full and part-time jobs.

"We already have a strong offering in the town which we are incredibly proud of. If approved, this will be our third drive-thru restaurant in the area which we are excited about.”

You can read more on the story in this week's Barnsley Chronicle. 

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Reply Posted by worker on Sunday April 9 2017 at 11:14
Another place for the parasites of the tarn to cause problems around. Just what we need NOT.

Reply Posted by Jane on Sunday April 9 2017 at 11:18
Should never have shut the old one down years ago what is now Halifax bank!!

Reply Posted by Barnsley on Sunday April 9 2017 at 11:25
The town centre one was closed down because unbelievably it was running at a loss due to the extortionate rent and rates. I think it will be good for Barnsley. More jobs and anything got to look better than what that building current looks like?

Reply Posted by Helen on Sunday April 9 2017 at 15:41
I don't drive and I miss having a MacD's I can walk to. Seems like a good plan to me. Anything giving jobs to young people is good.

Reply Posted by Perfect! on Sunday April 9 2017 at 17:02
This is just what I've been after! Should never have closed the old one down in the town centre, saves havin to walk darn that horrible hill.

Reply Posted by JD on Tuesday April 11 2017 at 12:10
There are plenty of places where you can get a burger in town.

Try 8oz Burger, Oaks Bistro, Grillpit, Aroma, Grille etc. All do better burgers than McDonalds. All will do lunchtime deals.

8oz, deffo do lunchtime deals.

Reply Posted by Jean on Sunday April 9 2017 at 18:30
Would be nicer to have a proper family pub where the kids can go and play and have a more selective menu rather than just eating junk food

Reply Posted by Susan mckenzie on Sunday April 9 2017 at 21:22
What about all the local cafes that are caught in in the middle.has any one thought how it will affect them and there staff.all within the same radius.never mind the food court that is going to be built when they've finished making the new markets.i can see a lot of cafes closing.anyone thought of that?

Reply Posted by sarah on Sunday April 9 2017 at 22:08
to susan McKenzie. so you think a lot of cafes might close, are you having a laugh. have you tried to get a meal or even a coffee after 3-30 in town. they might as well not bother opening. the only place to eat or have a coffee apart from pubs is morrisons

Reply Posted by Ken on Monday April 10 2017 at 07:55
Businesses move where they think they will make profit. The council does not decide who makes applications they just approve or reject them.

Any business attracted to town will bring jobs so I cannot see the council being able to turn them down.

They cannot say "no McDonald's - build TGI or whatever instead"

Some of the people on here have no idea. If you want a healthy salad type place then open one yourselves. Don't expect the council to turn down the chance for jobs and regeneration on the off chance that someone else will.

Or write to the other franchises and ask them to open here. If there is demand they may. That's how business works.

Reply Posted by Joe Burger on Tuesday April 11 2017 at 10:20
Well said Ken. People on here always find something to moan about. But like Ken said, They haven't got a clue how these things happen. McDonald have been in the UK for 43 years, there's a reason for that and it's that people enjoy a cheap tasty burger. personally " I'M LOVIN IT"

Reply Posted by jd on Tuesday April 11 2017 at 12:14
People just need to look. Plenty of places in town to eat better quality. Weirdly though some closed on a Monday.

But try Quintessential Kitchen, Aroma, Oaks Bisto. Cooper Gallery Etc.

The difference between the price of a Standard Burger at 8oz and a McDonalds meal is worth of the supreme 8oz Quality.

Reply Posted by Fast Food Rocker on Tuesday April 11 2017 at 16:53
You only have to look around Barnsley to see that the good folk of this town love the fast food industry, I mean we have McDonalds,McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut. You could almost write a song about it.

Reply Posted by JD on Tuesday April 11 2017 at 17:21
As opposed to every other town in the world......

Reply Posted by AHR on Wednesday April 12 2017 at 21:47
Only had one Mcdonald tried it when the 1st one opened I think it was the 80s never again !, Used to like the old Wimpy though.

Reply Posted by Victoria on Monday April 17 2017 at 12:04
The thing is this another 'drive-thru', now whatever your take on the 'golden M', the point is Barnsley town centre has not got a fast food presence in the Town Centre (apart from a very small KFC/Taco Bell (former is also a drive-thru), I mean I have had people come to me asking where the nearest Burger King or Maccy-D's is and they are surprised when I say that the nearest is a drive-thru down Old Mill Lane. No if we are going to regenerate Barnsley then love it or loathe it we do need some kind of fast food (especially if the plans for not one but two multiplex Cinemas go ahead). The Alahmbra regeneration has not been started yet and that was supposed to have finished by the end of this year. No I have a feeling that yet again drive-thru's are all that Barnsley will ever have