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New drug and alcohol addiction service set to launch

Friday March 31 2017

A NEW service will launch tomorrow that will help people tackle drug and alcohol addiction.

Barnsley Council has commissioned northern charity DISC to provide substance misuse service aimed at prevention and recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, with a greater focus on reducing the harm caused to families and the local community.

The service, named ‘Barnsley Recovery Steps’, will provide treatment of drug and alcohol addiction with a tailored programme to help people to overcome their addictions.

The council says group work, one to one intervention, mutual aid and innovative peer led support will form the basis of the service.

The programme will support those who have previously failed recovery.

To contact Barnsley Recovery Steps call 01226 779066 or visit www.disc-vol.org.uk/projects/barnsley for more information.

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Reply Posted by Joy on Friday March 31 2017 at 12:25
Is this not the same service Phoenix were running and before them BADAS? So it's not really a new service just being run probably cheaper by a different organisation.

Reply Posted by Nicole senior on Friday March 31 2017 at 16:54
Does anything run like this in Mansfield ?

Reply Posted by Julie Sutton on Friday March 31 2017 at 18:44
This is not a new service, exactly the same has been running for the past 7 years including groupwork and 1-1 sessions, the council have just decided to disrupt it and commission a new provider for less money

Reply Posted by Tim Totty on Friday March 31 2017 at 19:12
Only themselves to blame? Service for lowlifes. Over half of people using such services are been treated for addiction to long term prescribed medication such as opiates and benzodrine type dwugs, usually prescribed following serious injury accidents. It's narrow minded ignoramus like you that stigmatise addiction and discourage people from using the services, choosing to stay on useless, harmful medication for years longer than needed.

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Saturday April 1 2017 at 12:12
Oh dear Tim. What a poor misguided soul you are. And your spelling is atrocious.
I would love to know where you get the figures that more than half of these people are being treated for addiction to prescribed medication for legitimate injuries and complaints??? I think you may have misinterpreted the fact that these low life scumbags that drain our society are in fact taking " prescribed" medication either scammed from GP practices, stolen or bought illicitly in peel square.

Reply Posted by Tim Totty on Saturday April 1 2017 at 21:56
One auto correct mistake equals atrocious spelling? As for my point I know this from having volunteered in a similar establishment in Manchester. Over 50% of clients were normal folk with job, families etc. The system we have sends people in need through no fault of their own into the same service as illicit drug users. How did I become a volunteer? Because the same services helps me come off morphine based painkillers after a five year period of constant surgery and physio following a traffic Accident. I saw a mix of folk at the clinics, from old women hooked on valium , a roofer coming off morphine after a fall and yes self inflicted junkies too. It's the same service for all, get some facts, they are not hard to find. Take a look at the USA oxycontin crisis, an addiction epidemic caused by drug companies and doctors seeking profits at all costs, where do you think those people are been treated. I repeat, half the people in services like DISC are recovering from addiction to medication, legitimately supplied by their doctors for real reasons. They are often stigmatised for their addiction and at the back of the queue for treatment as all the funding and effort is focused at the illegal users to reduce crime figures. Ignorant folk don't help at all, go walk a mile in their shoes before sticking labels on a group of people who do not deserve such treatment.

Reply Posted by Jenny on Saturday April 1 2017 at 22:33
As a Nhs nurse who has spent ten years working in this field I can confirm around half of all service users are in treatment to be weaned off prescribed meds. I expect that figure to rise as new prescribing practices place restrictions on GP 's long term opiod prescribing. This will undoubtably lead to a higher demand for services as long term opiod users will find their access to such medication abruptly curtailed, often without warning or pre planning. Most addicts whatever their addiction are just ordinary people trying to get their lives back on track. They are not scumbags or junkies, they are your mothers, father, brothers and sisters. Addiction takes many forms, from drugs and drink to gambling and other destructive behavior. The ones in services are the ones who want to get better, they deserve your compassion, not your scorn. Addiction is all around us, mind when all the kids currently chugging half a dozen red bulls a day start to suffer the effects of long term,hi dose caffeine use, then the addiction services will have an epidemic on their hands. It's something that is raising a lot of concern with regarding to planning service availibility in the near to middle term future. There is no data on long term hi dose caffeine use but caffeine is an extremely powerful substance, it replaced cocaine in Coca Cola in the 1920's. It's already causing issues in education and the local services first started treating kids for this over two years ago. Addiction services are vital in the modern world and you never know, the next one through the doors might be someone you know and love. Compassion and respect from all please.

Reply Posted by Benny on Monday April 3 2017 at 10:22
As a Nhs nurse who has spent ten years working in this field I can confirm that drug addicts don't deserve free handouts and have no one but themselves to blame for their addictions.

Reply Posted by Raymond on Wednesday April 5 2017 at 13:12
You have got it bang on Benny, they live in a world of robbing to meet their caving off people that have worked to better them self,they just hang around town like rats comparing how have got the best crack,

Reply Posted by Jenny on Wednesday April 5 2017 at 12:00
So a soldier wounded 8 years ago, treated with long term opiod prescribing, now a civilian who wishes to be free of medication deserves nothing and has only himself to blame? What about the 60 yo woman, given valium by her doctor in the 80's, hooked for 30 years, she was guilty of nothing but trusting her doctor. So she deserves nothing and has only herself to blame? What about the heroin addict of 10 years who was turned on to heroin by a 'carer' at 12 years old so they could be controlled and forced into prostitution? All of these folk exist, their experiences are real and so are their needs. Why don't they deserve treatment and compassion? I doubt you are a nurse Benny, the profession wouldnt tolerate such a judgmental ignoramus as yourself. Aquaint yourself with some facts before commenting.

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