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Producers want locals for new TV show

Wednesday March 15 2017

The series will be hosted by Davina McCall The series will be hosted by Davina McCall

TV producers want Barnsley folk to take part in a new programme hosted by Davina McCall.

Twenty Twenty Productions - the company behind Our Dancing Town - says the series will see the TV host discuss topical issues with members of the public and a range of experts.

Each episode will have a different theme, including parenting, friendship, technology, stress, perfection and careers and happiness.

Kat Feavers from Twenty Twenty said: "I was part of the team that worked in Barnsley last summer and I found the people of Barnsley to be incredibly open and warm hearted.

"We’re really keen to feature members of the public who are facing real dilemmas in their life and could do with a helping hand from both Davina, whose own personal life experience and success is an inspiration for many, as well as the experts lined up to offer fresh perspectives and guidance.

"We would love to hear from anyone who would like expert guidance with either parenting or friendships, dealing with stress or low self-esteem, someone who is addicted to technology or knows someone who is or somebody who is stuck in a rut professionally or with family and friends."

Contact davinacasting@twentytwenty.tv to apply. 

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Reply Posted by Nikki on Wednesday March 15 2017 at 20:14
Always suffered n had confidence issues . At 44 yrs old jus want to learn to love myself .

Reply Posted by Michelle Ann Randall on Wednesday March 15 2017 at 20:43
I've suffered over 15 years with mental health issues . It was triggered by my mums bereavement. I was brought up in an environment in which my dad spoke to my mum in a very belittling way. At fifteen I also started to lose my hearing and three years ago I had a cochlear implant. I would like to be involved talking about anxiety, depression and suicide and hearing loss. I've still not recovered. People do not realise that it effects ALL the family. I would like more support and have even ideas of how to help other sufferers. In the past I've had to wait on numerous waiting lists even though I've been in crisis. I've them deteriated rapidly.

Reply Posted by kay on Thursday March 16 2017 at 17:18
I suffer from anixety n depression. Ad it for nearly 5 years n an 26 in august. Its horrible. The stress i have at my age is unreal

Reply Posted by Carol Green on Thursday March 16 2017 at 20:53
I am Chairman of barnsley blind and partially sighted association which is a lical charity with 30 volunteers no paid workers and we have over 7000 members. I am stressed out trying to fund raise to keep this most important charity running. most of our members are over 60. they enjoy our weekly social club on a Tuesday it might be the only time they go out during the week but it us getting more difficult finding funds. our members really rely on their carers everyday to help them in and outside their homes

Reply Posted by Lazy Ken on Friday March 17 2017 at 09:30
I'm president of the Barnsley Bone Idle Society, a group of people who play the old anxiety and depression card but really we just can't be arsed to work. Can we be on telly please?

Reply Posted by Dean on Friday March 17 2017 at 09:39
This is why you cant have nice things Ken...

Reply Posted by Claire Bryan on Saturday March 18 2017 at 10:41
I am a single mum age 41 3 sons 18, 15 and 3 years. My life was almost perfect upto the recession in 2011. Going from a married business owner to a single unemployed mum. Rug pulled from under my feet. My life was planned and set. Now i suffer ptsd and fibromyilgia. Having to look after my children and go to college when i have bad weeks just kills me. Could do with a rputine seem to have lost the way a little

Reply Posted by Victoria on Sunday March 19 2017 at 17:40
The 'problem' with these types of shows is not that they are not needed (they are), it is just what happens when the cameras stop rolling, do these vulnerable people continue to have support and guidance or is it a case of right I have my story and show, the show is now finished and its a case of thank you very much for your time. If the people that the show wants are in the vulnerable (stress, parenting etc.) and they give the participants help throughout the show, what then, once the cameras are off and the participants are no longer the 'centre of attention', will this not cause more harm than good!