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Supermarket Parking Fines: Who Has Had One?

Monday December 12 2011

Over the last few weeks on We Are Barnsley, we have noticed an increase in the number of people coming on reporting that they have been issued fines from Barnsley's biggest supermarkets for parking in the car park for longer than the allowed time.

We have had many reports from people getting fined in the Asda car park on Old Mill Lane for staying over the allowed time of two and a half hours.

We are compiling a report to try to clarify the situation as there are lots of people who paid the fine, but others who didn't as they claim it isn't enforceable.

We will try to clear the matter up but we need you to help us with our investigations. Please write on this post (not on Facebook as those get easily lost) when/where you got your fine and whether or not you paid it, also the reason for the fine.

Thanks all!

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Reply Posted by pilley mark on Monday December 12 2011 at 14:51
how can you stop at asda for 2 1/2 hours 

Reply Posted by Dan on Wednesday January 15 2014 at 11:01
Went to asda twice in the same day got PCN for £40 they failed to see the other two photos leaving and arriving,

Reply Posted by zoe on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:14
I had a fine come from Tesco for £70 or £75 - I phoned them up and said I wasnt going to pay it, they said that I should take this as a warning this time but next time I will have to pay - if it was enforcable they would have made me pay!

Reply Posted by zoe on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:14
I had a fine come from Tesco for £70 or £75 - I phoned them up and said I wasnt going to pay it, they said that I should take this as a warning this time but next time I will have to pay - if it was enforcable they would have made me pay!

Reply Posted by Tonybatty on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:28
Hi guys my name is Tony from Tonys barbers shop I have had one saying I have been in 5 hours shopping . They said I have to pay it which I am not it turns out when u go for petrol or a mcdonalds in the morning and go back at night it only Reg u going in and not out . So this makes u look like u have been there all day ...

Reply Posted by James Sheriff on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:39
If the parking ticket is not issued by a local authority and you have the balls—don't pay it. It's hard for the people who fine you to enforce it as it's a civil matter and they'd have to take you to court. Far more expensive for them with court fees etc. 

Also it's the driver who is liable for parking charges. So if you own the car but it wasn't you driving you can notify the issuer of this but you DON'T have to tell them who was driving.

Reply Posted by Einst on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:45
Had a fine sent... Ignored it... Got another.... Ignored that... Got third, and thats it, not heard anything else.
It is not enforceable, as there is no law broken.. They have to prove trespass with intent.

Reply Posted by Spy camera on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:47
Simply stay as long as you like then drive out of the exit at the rear of the petrol station - there is no camera there logging vehicles out.

Reply Posted by Brad on Monday December 12 2011 at 15:50
Aren't only officials (Ie Police) allowed to use ANPR cameras then obtain the data from DVLA

Reply Posted by Craig372 on Monday December 12 2011 at 16:05
we got about three or four letters ignored them and touch wood have heasrd nothing since

Reply Posted by Garry Butler on Monday December 12 2011 at 16:12
Do not pay it, McDonalds operate a similar con in their car parks, I met a work colleague at McDonalds at Tankersley for a meeting and we both got a 'fine'. I complained but they insisted I paid, but I looked on the Internet and it seems it is a con and the advice given by forum sites was to ignore it. I did this and after the third 'fine' letter the demands stop.

Reply Posted by 2e0tts on Monday December 12 2011 at 16:27
They are private parking enforcement companies out to make money. I know this because my place of work operates one. Easy answer... DO NOT PAY.

They will not take you to court as someone as previously said, becuase it will cost them more than its worth. obviously ASDA/Mc Donald's will get a percentage out of each PCN issued. Thats how it works.

Do not pay them, after so long they will stop sending out threatening letters. They threat about taking legal action but its a load of nonsense!

Reply Posted by Maximize10 on Monday December 12 2011 at 19:11
I got a parking fine at Morrisons. I usually shop at the Corton Wood store where there is no charge for parking, so when I shopped at the Barnsley store it didn't even enter my head to look for a pay meter. Half an our later I came out the store to find a ticket on my car. I tried to contest but the council said I had to pay. Wasn't happy at all but paid up to avoid more costs. 

Reply Posted by Martin Barron Mr-b on Monday December 12 2011 at 22:15
Hi I got 1 saying I was thier for 4 hrs
same as Tony I went in and then got petrol, and went out of that
exit. Later I called back and went out of the top exit. I have
receved 4 letters up to date, the last one from Graham White
Solicitors (NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION) I am still not paying it
because I did not stay for longer than 30mins ???? only got the
letter today 12 december so I will keep you posted  

Reply Posted by badwolf on Tuesday December 13 2011 at 04:30
am not shure but if there are cameras loging folks plates and no warning  that this is takeing place this could be a breach of your privacy

Reply Posted by Kev9209 on Wednesday December 14 2011 at 16:11
They work on percentages.......... hoping that a large enough percentage of people are daft enough to pay!!

Reply Posted by Kev9209 on Wednesday December 14 2011 at 16:12
Sorry my above comment is unfair, it should read  ....scared enough to pay!!!

Reply Posted by nowaymate on Thursday December 22 2011 at 10:57
you obviously don't know my wife and daughter! 

Reply Posted by Nataliemichelle on Thursday March 1 2012 at 23:12
To shop elsewhere as well!

Reply Posted by Archer942 on Tuesday March 6 2012 at 20:20
this is a matter that seriousley drives me to rage against the penny pinching habits of both false and unlawfull aurthoritairians. NO parking tickets are lawfull (at all I REPEAT none at all). Try looking at your rights and not statutes and ACTS.
BILL OF RIGHTS ACT [1689] An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown.That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void; So this means that fines are illegal before a criminal act has been proven! But parking is not breaking the law and can not be a seen as a criminal act. thank for reading folks DAVE ARCHER

Reply Posted by Jo Sheldon on Friday April 6 2012 at 06:47
I had a fine in Jan 2011 I completely ignored all letters and got a phone call from Baliffs in July 2011 and just said prove it! I knew they couldn't. I figured if they cannot be bothered to record delivery they were not too serious. Any how I never heard another thnig. My advice is ignore it.

Reply Posted by Carolyne on Thursday June 21 2012 at 17:12
I went into morrisons car park it was busy and pouring so i drove around to find somewhere to park and then waited a little bit for the rain to stop since i had the children with me because it was half term. I went and buy a ticket for the car, i was back at the car before the ticket ran out, a week later i got a fine in the and pictures entering and exiting the car park because i was using  the carpark for over 2 hours.Have not paid as yet.

Reply Posted by samantha on Saturday March 16 2013 at 14:47
I need advice on what to do I got a fine through da post that I had to pay £60 I parked in island the stay hour is 1hour 30mins I only stayed 15mins extra now I don't know if I should pay it or not help me out

Reply Posted by lainy on Tuesday July 30 2013 at 05:57
I had a fine with Asda, phoned them up and the issuer told them there is no way going to pay, there has been no act of a criminal offence committed, they have no right imposing a hefty £70 charge on me. They agreed to delete the fine. Don't pay, you have rights. These companies are behaving badly against the people who are actually making them rich. Without us the consumers they would have no business.

Reply Posted by ianh on Tuesday July 30 2013 at 17:01
My son got one recently after allegedly being in Asda car park for 11 hours .. yes 11 hours .. as if .. he had been in in the morning for a Mcdonalds then went in late at night with mates for beer for a party, it's pretty obvious that the cameras being used are not fit for purpose .. Advice to people is just ignore the ticket, it's unenforceable !! only police and local councils can "fine" you ..

Reply Posted by Claire on Friday August 23 2013 at 14:26
Thanks for all the advise - I was 3 minutes late leaving savers car park on Peel Street the other day and I've been dreading the £90 fine coming in. If it does I will ignore it, thanks again #ninetyquidricher

Reply Posted by clare inwood on Tuesday April 29 2014 at 22:13
my son has just had 2 parking tickets from asda and macdonalds same day same. time of day ....we hav paid them both ....but it is discusting robberey ..some body is taking mick...how can thay both give parking ticket for same time and day ......do you think theres 2 vans same colour ..reg ...same owner !!!!!! please some1 explain

Reply Posted by Claire on Thursday October 30 2014 at 16:55
We have just had the exact same thing happen. We parked at McDonald and spent an hour having food and a chat and then left the car there and walked to asda to do our weekly shop and had a coffee so we just went over the two and half hours.

A week later we got a fine of £100 from uk parking representing mcdonalds and a £70 fine from smart parking representing asda . Do they both own the parking space?

We've ignored both and I've since had another two and ignored those as well, I've complained to both companies and are waiting for a reply.

Reply Posted by George on Friday July 18 2014 at 09:43
I recieved a parking ticket in a co op supermarket car park for staying 15 mins to long in November 2012 I ignored all the letters from them but today 16/7/2014 I recieved a letter from the countee court which I assume I have to answer they are asking for £130 + £35 court costs. I was not the driver who parked there it was a work colleague who has since died.

Reply Posted by Miss ANGRY on Friday October 17 2014 at 12:06
I received a letter out of the blue referring to when I parked in my local Morrisons car park, apparently 40 mins over the alleged 'allowed' time. Apparently a camera clocked me going in & coming out! I am registered disabled, displayed my blue badge & didn't realise I could not park for 3 hours as stated on my badge. Morrisons apparently give you TWO HOURS to park up from the moment you enter to leaving. In that time you have to find a car park space for disabled which 9 times out of 10 there isn't any available as they only have six spaces, park, walk to the trolley area, then shop (which as they continually change the layout, takes you as long to find what you need as it is to do the shopping), queue (and in our local one, usually only 2 out of 8 cashiers are on at any one time & you are restricted to the use of self service if you have a trolley, bearing in mind I'm disabled too) so if you're lucky you can get through check out in approx 15/20 minutes....and like I say, IF YOU ARE LUCKY! Then you have to queue again for tobacco, newspapers, lottery etc, go back to the car, load the car, take the trolley back...go back to the car then, IF & I mean IF you haven't been blocked in by taxi's or other peeps waiting to pick up shoppers, you can start to exit...By Morrisons rules...ALL this should take no more than 2 hours from beginning to end!!! Absolutely ridiculous!! I'd like to see one of those who impose this bloody farcical of a car parking rule to do a weekly shop in the format I've described, with a spine that is mainly fused together with titanium, numerous bolts & screws from top to pelvis, that restricts my movements and then smile, be happy & joyful that they then after all that get a bloody fine!! ITS APPAULLING ....so here's to boycotting MORRISONS & after three letters & a fourth telling me I going to be taken to court & will incur over £500 in fee's LET THEM....and then I'll tell them exactly what they can do with their abhorrent so called 'FINE'.......I know the sun don't shine there, that's for sure!!!

Reply Posted by Claire on Thursday October 30 2014 at 16:58
Don't worry about this, only the police and council will take you to court and if by a miracle they do when you tell them that you're disabled you'll win anyway and they know this which is why they won't.

I've ignored mine and I'm not giving it a second thought.

Reply Posted by me on Thursday April 16 2015 at 20:08
Got a £40 fine today after parking in the staff carpark round the back and working in store how can this be right?????

ipso Regulated