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WAB Debate: Are we tough enough on animal cruelty?

Friday February 24 2017

A DEBATE over punishments for animal cruelty will take place in parliament today. Our WAB Debate asks: Are the sentences tough enough?

The debate follows public outrage after Andrew and Daniel Frankish subjected a bulldog to abuse last year. 

The brothers, from Redcar in Teesside, had repeatedly stamped on the dog and thrown it down stairs. As a result the dog became paralysed in the back legs and was eventually put down.

They were given a suspended sentence at Hartlepool Magistrates Court.

If they had been jailed, the maximum prison sentence they could have faced was six months - meaning they would be released in just three.

So, should the laws be tougher? What punishment should be given to those that abuse animals? Leave your comments below.

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Reply Posted by Dean on Friday February 24 2017 at 11:32
No, we are not.

Laws should be tougher. Laws should be in line with any form abuse to humans. A life is a life.

Reply Posted by Dog owner on Friday February 24 2017 at 13:30
I think people should get sentenced to just as long for animal cruelty as they would if they did it to a human

Reply Posted by Jay on Friday February 24 2017 at 16:42
The laws should be tougher. I remember reading that case about the boxy and the bulldog, it was horrendous, and they only got a suspended sentence.

Reply Posted by M on Friday February 24 2017 at 17:19
If a dog was to harm a human it would be sentenced to death..yet a human can harm a dog & get a freakin caution. Its utter nonsense. Bring back licences! Anyone with any history of animal abuse should be imprisioned & their animal licence gone for life!

Reply Posted by Elaine jones on Saturday February 25 2017 at 08:03
No no way its disgusting how some animals are treat in this country it needs the law changing asap &people should be ban for life not for 2 years . Build more prisons & put them in them theres no need to be cruel

Reply Posted by Abc on Saturday February 25 2017 at 15:54
No we are not tough enough on animal cruelty.
There are people who get pets who just don't know what they are doing, that's one thing.
But people get pets to literally torture and abuse them, like those brothers with that poor bulldog they just kept throwing it down the stairs and jumping on it....
How can people like that get a suspended sentence then they can go on to have a baby! god only knows what they might do to a baby.
it does happen, babies get found with loads of unspeakable injuries, I bet most of the abusers have hurt animals first.
They need strict sentences!

Reply Posted by SMM on Sunday February 26 2017 at 17:05
Not at all! I think public are more hesitant to step in too. I know of a man who leaves his Alsatian dog in his works van ( on council property) for 8-9 hours a day while he is working elsewhere. The RSPCA have directly said this is animal cruelty yet the staff are reluctant to remove this poor animal! Animals are precious and cannot speak for themselves let's give them the voice and treatment they deserve

Reply Posted by Oh no on Sunday February 26 2017 at 18:05
Oh no, SMM, that doesn't sound right. I thought the RSPCA had powers to remove an animal. Why are they not doing, if a dog is shut in a van for 8 hours. I have always had Alsatian dogs and they are sociable, as well as wanting to do a job.

Reply Posted by Jane Burke on Monday February 27 2017 at 10:36
Obviously to hurt an animal, would probably be only the first step to going on to doing the same to a person. I believe in hard labour! & hopefully some karma from an animal lover.

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