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New speed limit could come to motorway

Tuesday January 24 2017

A new 60mph speed limit could be introduced A new 60mph speed limit could be introduced

A 60MPH speed limit could be brought in on the M1 between Mansfield and Tankersley in an attempt to cut air pollution.

Highways England could introduce the new speed limit - a 10mph reduction - ahead of the M1 becoming a ‘smart’ motorway between junctions 28 and 31 in March, which could lead to an increase in traffic of up to 7.6 per cent as vehicles are allowed to drive on the hard shoulder.

It’s estimated that by spending £205million to make the M1 smart, an extra 5-10,000 vehicles could drive on the road, increasing the pollution caused by the 130,000 that currently use the motorway every day.

The 60mph limit, if implemented, is expected to affect drivers between 7-9am and 3-7pm.

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Reply Posted by mE on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 16:19
Seems as most drives take no notice of the 70mph limit, what difference is this going to make?

Reply Posted by walkerx on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 17:59
the only way they can enforce this is if they have average speed cameras - the problem with smart motorways are they aren't that smart, most signs are wrong and the speed between sections jump all over the place and they cause more delays when there is an accident (signs aren't updated) compared to having a hard shoulder for emergency vehicles and broken down vehicles, etc

Reply Posted by notwalkerx on Wednesday January 25 2017 at 18:31
Erm, they do have average speed cameras at Tankersly going southbound... How are the signs wrong? If the signs say 60mph then the speed limit is.... 60mph!!! (amazing how that works, they must be smart or something?..) As for the signs not being updated in the event of an accident, they are updated as quick if not quicker than the previous signs employed on the motorway and there's usually a traffic hamster on scene anyway shutting as many lanes as humanly possible...

Reply Posted by James on Thursday January 26 2017 at 16:15
@notwalkerx Erm I have to disagree Re signs being updated, regularly over the past fortnight they've been wrong at 04:30 > 05:00 hrs as we've been going to work .. you may think that doesn't really matter at that time on a morning but you may be surprised to know that the traffic is quite busy even at this hour, it causes confusion and needless lane swapping and queueing for no reason.

Reply Posted by Paul Nicholes on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 18:07
If it's to reduce air pollution ULEVs (electric cars) should be exempt.

Reply Posted by The realist on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 19:26
This wouldn't make a difference to air pollution what a load of nonsense

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 20:23
The type of pollution they are trying to reduce is mainly caused by HGVs in city centers, this is the government attempting to show action for 2020 by doing something which has no direct cause / effect on the other. BRAVO.

Reply Posted by Frank on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 22:01
Smart motorway. New cameras. Any opportunity to make a quick buck. If the new motorways are so smart, how come they still give the wrong information? This was just an opportunity to cover the motorway with new cameras and increase revenues. It's very sad to see what today's UK has become.


Reply Posted by Aunt Hilda on Wednesday January 25 2017 at 18:59
Dear Frank

Just wanted to say thank you for signing off your post with your name. So nice to see posts written in letter format

Yours sincerely

Reply Posted by Frank on Thursday January 26 2017 at 18:45
Dear Hilda,

Thank you for your comment about posting in letter format. I guess old habits die hard in this 'post truth' technological society we exist in.


Reply Posted by Tony on Friday January 27 2017 at 13:23
What's so smart about smart motorways ? I thought the hard shoulder was there for use only in emergencies,if it is to become a fourth lane where do you go if your vehicle breaks down ?

Reply Posted by The man with no face on Friday January 27 2017 at 14:25
I can't see how the hell going 60 would cut pollution, surly it would just take longer to get past the said stretch of moterway so it would work out the same