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Police seize £1,700 worth of Class A drugs

Tuesday January 24 2017

Police seized around £1,700 worth of the class A drugs Police seized around £1,700 worth of the class A drugs

POLICE in Barnsley have seized more than 90 wraps of heroin and cocaine - worth around £1,700 - as part of a covert operation.

Officers seized 98 wraps of the class A drugs last Friday (January 20).

As part of the operation, police say they spotted a 20-year-old man behaving suspiciously on John Street in the town centre.

As they approached him, he began to run from officers, but was caught after a chase across the town centre, and was found with a quantity of Class A drugs on him before being arrested.

A subsequent search of a property on Barnsley Road, Dodworth, led to the arrest of a 21-year old man on suspicion of possession of a Class A substance.

The two men have since been bailed pending further enquiries.

Sergeant Mike Pursley, said: “This is just one example of operations we are running to consistently tackle drug related crime throughout Barnsley.

“I am pleased that we have been able to remove a quantity of Class A drugs from our town and would always encourage anyone who has any concerns about criminal activity of this, or any kind, in their area to contact us.

"Information can be given via 101 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111."

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Reply Posted by John P on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 13:29
Credit when due.Well done to the police,hope the drug scum get prison sentence.

Reply Posted by Lolloll on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 13:37
Gotta earn a living somehow easiest way to make money. When there no jobs about and your on dole u have to do that **** or rob some1ns house.

Reply Posted by vanman on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 19:53
No jobs? There's plenty of jobs - why do you think Eastern Europeans come here? There's always work for anyone who wants it, but it sometimes means getting off your idle backside before dinnertime and travelling a bit. You should try it, and stop sponging and robbing.

Reply Posted by Mr S on Thursday January 26 2017 at 05:29
Where are these jobs vanman ? Are they proper jobs or just minimum wage zero hours agency crap ? Jobs where you are treated like dirt underpaid and then sent packing when you're no longer needed.I can see why many people reject this crass exploitation and look for alternative ways to make money.

Reply Posted by vanman on Thursday January 26 2017 at 14:14
Yes Mr. S, there are lots of crappy low-paid jobs out there, but they are a way to earn money honestly and legally. It may be lost on you, but a wage earned that way gives a person some self respect and independence. When you're a worker, no-one can call you a scrounger, and you're not sponging off the backs of those who pay into the system. Those Eastern Europeans I mentioned have travelled hundreds of miles to do the kind of work that too many Brits consider to be beneath them. The "something-for-nothing" attitude is a sad symptom of the country today.

Reply Posted by Mr S on Thursday January 26 2017 at 15:38
Is your job crappy and low paid ? if so do you feel self respect,independence and somehow good about yourself because you're "paying into the system".? If you answer no to any of these questions what right have you to expect anyone else to embrace this dogma ? The "something for nothing" attitude has always been around and it starts at the top not the bottom.

Reply Posted by Guido on Thursday January 26 2017 at 16:24
@ Vanman _ Sounds like you're wasting your time with this one _ Appears Mr S thinks he should have everything hard working people have without putting in the graft. It's the minimum wage for a reason, he needs to get over it, he will never ever have what he strives for until he loses the chip he most definitely has on his shoulder. I know that reading this will probably really hurt but he needs to face facts .. and lose the hate of anyone that's made a half decent success of their life, something that he's very unlikely to achieve.

Reply Posted by Mr S on Thursday January 26 2017 at 19:03
What makes you think I don't work "Guido" ? ,and what does "It's the minimum wage for a reason" mean ? I "strive" for nothing and am quite content personally but I would appreciate it if you explained what these "facts" are that I need to face and who are these people that have made a "half decent success" of their lives ? Do you mean people like "Sir" Phillip Green or the former Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne who gave us years of austerity and has just walked into a mega-salaried job with a bank,extra to,not instead of his salary ,pension and perks as an M.P. ? I admit that I am unlikely to "achieve" anything like that.

Reply Posted by Guido on Thursday January 26 2017 at 19:24
@ Mr S Your response was just as i expected, and i never said you didn't work, you just made that one up, as for yourself " being quite content " i'd go and see a GP ( if you can get an appointment ) .. get that blood pressure checked out, just to be safe .. you never know they may well even be able to remove the chip without anaesthetic these days ..

P.s i can't be bothered to answer your other requests for explanations, it would probably push you over the top, as it were .. sorry.

Reply Posted by Mr S on Thursday January 26 2017 at 20:59
Guido,you wrote (and if you scroll up a couple of posts you will be able to see) "Appears Mr S thinks he should have everything hard working people have without putting in the graft " so it wasn't me that "just made that one up".As far as I am aware my blood pressure is fine,but I am touched by your concern.You say you can't be bothered to explain what you said.Is that true ?or is it that you can't explain what you said because it doesn't make sense ?.

Reply Posted by Guido on Thursday January 26 2017 at 22:08
Sheesh .. here goes, we'll see if you have the mental capacity to take this in ( i doubt it, i don't even know why i entered into this, they do say never try to win an argument with an idiot they'll just bring you down to their level don't they ) So, you now agree i didn't use the words " you don't work " see, you did make that up i said " without putting in the graft " totally different.. and, seeing as you like to use wealthy people as your scapegoats for everything that's wrong with the world would you agree that Sir Philip Green and Gideon Osbourne have worked a damn sight harder than you ever have or will to earn their dosh ? Please do tell .. Like it or not pal they have . It might not have been darn't pit but they have. (Accepted they are a bit dodgy ) but you can't take away from them the fact that they're far cleverer than either you or i to end up in that position, it's just the way things are, it's happening all the time and always will be. And do you really need me to explain why there's a minimum wage ? from the content of your prose you are probably a Labour supporter ( Nowt wrong with that i think Jeremy is doing a fine job ) and are because your Mummy and Daddy and Grand parents are / were , why not ask one of them, they'll probably be able to explain it at your level.

Reply Posted by vanman on Thursday January 26 2017 at 22:36
Mr S, after nearly fifty years of doing work, some of it enjoyable, some of it crappy and and none of it what you could consider "well paid", I'm now retired. When the pay was poor, I put in extra hours to make up my wage. I've been made redundant five times, but have picked up sufficient skills and experience to enable me to find work quickly. And yes, I do have self-respect and independence - I may not live in a palace, but my house, car and everything else I own is fully paid for. I learned from a very early age that if something is worth having, it's worth saving or sacrificing for. There used to be a saying - "work or want" , and it's a pity more people today don't live by it.

Reply Posted by Tony on Friday January 27 2017 at 08:00
A debate takes place between people who have different opinions,for better or worse everybody believes what they believe,the American singer/actor Tom Waits gave a good description when he said "Opinions are like assholes,everybody's got one and most of them stink ".We are all different,we don't all want to live the same life but questioning someones mental capacity or even sanity just because they don't share all your beliefs is not a very mature position to take.As for Phillip Green, a bit dodgy ???

Reply Posted by @Mr S on Saturday January 28 2017 at 19:46
There are plenty of jobs.
They are 'proper' jobs.
They are not ' crap.'
You go to work and earn money, it is a nice feeling to do a day's work and get paid for it.
I'd rather do that than sit at home on the internet complaining and looking down my nose at people who go out and do what you call 'crap' jobs.
I have done all sorts over 40 years and the most stressful were the better paid ones.

Reply Posted by @Mr S on Saturday January 28 2017 at 19:53
Despite superficial appearances, Mr S, you really do not seem to know what you are on about.
What on earth makes you think that 'the something for nothing' attitude has always been around? Where? When? What is your timescale? Are you a historian, an anthropologist?

Reply Posted by rjw on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 13:48
there isnt a john streen in barnsley town center

Reply Posted by jo on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 14:06
Yes there is,it is just off Upper New Street. Not far from Morrisons supermarket.

Reply Posted by rjw on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 14:42
Sorry for typo , but thats joseph street anyway

Reply Posted by ??? on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 15:51
John Street is the Rd between the old gala bingo and the small car park off upper new st. Across the rd from Morrisons petrol station. The 2 men bailed will still pedal drugs? The police should have kept them locked up.

Reply Posted by Eve on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 17:04
Increase CCTV coverage in and around the town centre and have plain clothes officers and cars dotted across Barnsley. A tip for police lads at around 18 years old don't ride around on mountain bikes with no lights late at night without being up to no good, stop and search them take the drugs and lock them up.

Reply Posted by The realist on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 19:28
Punishing users and lowly dealers isnt going to accomplish anything targeting suppliers is the way forward.

Reply Posted by Imposter Clowns on Tuesday January 24 2017 at 21:19
I agree, The realist.
I don't remember the last time I read of a major Class A drugs supply network being interrupted ( though that's not to say it hasn't happened/ doesn't happen.)

Reply Posted by John on Thursday January 26 2017 at 12:28
What about the bloke down Greenfoot Lane a few months back?

Reply Posted by @John on Thursday January 26 2017 at 23:40
I don't know John, I have been out of town for 12 months. Was this the bloke whose house had stone lions at the gate??

Reply Posted by Eric B on Wednesday January 25 2017 at 10:07
What a waste of time and money. Police should be out catching real criminals not victimising people trying to make a living for themselves.

Reply Posted by Imposter Clowns on Wednesday January 25 2017 at 16:26
What? People dealing drugs? is that what constitutes people trying to make a living for themselves in your world? not even going to ask you your views on pimping and human trafficking.

Reply Posted by Tom on Thursday January 26 2017 at 14:49
Please consult a dictionary and look up the definition of the word 'drug'.

Bare in mind, the widespread proliferation and economic activity resulting from and systems in place to distribute drugs in the UK, including the 4 times daily visits by medical practitioners, to the dying, in order to administer heroin, as is done currently when palliative care is provided by the NHS. But also the more mundane things, like tea and coffee and cafes, off licenses, pubs, pharmacies, etc.

Pimping and human trafficking are a whole different ball game, and involve the direct subjugation and exploitation of fellow humans, whom are most certainly 'harmed' in the process, contrary to the common law of the land

Drugs need not be sold/distributed in a manner where any harm whatsoever is caused, to anyone. They could be sold and distributed perfectly safely in accordance with common law. - Were it not for prohibition.

Reply Posted by @Tom on Saturday January 28 2017 at 19:16
I was thinking about going to consult my dictionary, then I read your post a little further re economic activity and systems in place to distribute drugs.

As an example of this economic activity and systems in place to distribute drugs - before you go back to talking about coffee and alcohol, which are 'mundane' - you refer to 4x daily visits (if only) to the dying by medical practitioners, to administer heroin. Is palliative care ( if and when it operates) provided by the NHS a cog in the wheel of capitalism now?
Very sad that the mindset is to make profit or cut our losses with the National Health Service. Buying coffee and receiving opiates to assist the pain of dying are the same now, are they?

Reply Posted by Jerry on Sunday January 29 2017 at 23:29
Class A drugs are produced, distributed and sold in an exploitative and harmful manner.
Moreover, no matter what mechanisms might be put in place to attempt to ensure safe distribution, the fact remains that the products themselves are addictive, harmful, potentially lethal, and should remain difficult as well as illegal to procure.

Reply Posted by Tom on Thursday January 26 2017 at 14:42
We (as a society) need to straight up legalise heroin and produce it right here in Barnsley, for not for profit sale to registered addicts and the NHS, at lower prices than they both currently pay for heroin produced in the UK from poppies grown upon UK soil, much like is already done in Didcot (but at great profit).
We would however have to get a legal permission to do this and the monopoly of Macfarlan Smith would need to be broken.

We can reduce the cost by 90% for people who use (around 3000 in Barnsley). And we can create at least 3000 full time jobs in the process, paying more than double NMW, less than 1 hour per week would be need to be spent on production, 39 hours then would be left over for other things - i.e. community work.

We can end all the associated crime and social ills, that results from prohibition, control the supply entirely and create very loyal employees and customers in the process, whom would be able to do whatever work is the most beneficial for the wider community/society. - Looking after the aging population for example.

Reply Posted by Mr S on Thursday January 26 2017 at 15:45
That sounds suspiciously like common sense Tom......Mrs Thatcher must be turning in her grave.

Reply Posted by U.T. Opia on Thursday January 26 2017 at 23:35
Interesting, Tom.
A valiant attempt to argue a theoretical case for a heroin industry to replace the former coal industry in Barnsley.
Just that small matter of getting legal permission for one or two things, eh?

Reply Posted by @Mr S on Saturday January 28 2017 at 19:26
I disagree.
There is a major difference between logic and common sense.
Tom has a (semi) logical argument but common sense dictates that efforts would be better placed in assisting heroin users to tackle their addiction, rather than inventing an entirely theoretical system to support it.

Reply Posted by Mr T on Monday January 30 2017 at 12:24
I disagree, Mr S.
Nothing in tom's post sounds like common sense!
Common sense would be looking for ways to help registered heroin addicts with their addiction.

ipso Regulated