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Cigarette Vending Machine Ban - Your Thoughts?

Monday September 26 2011

VENDING machines that sell cigarettes are to be banned under new legislation that comes into force on October 1.

Barnsley businesses are being told the change in law is to help discourage youngsters from smoking and that the machines have to be removed by next week - and that this is just the first step in changing the way tobacco products are sold.

Coun Roy Miller, council spokesperson, said: “When selling cigarettes over the counter, it is easy to check the buyer’s age. However, where vending machines are present, this obviously presents an opportunity for younger people. The ban will ensure that this opportunity is taken away.”

What do you think - has the smoking ban and now this made smokers feel unwelcome? Or do you support moves like this for the health benefits? Have your say here, by typing in the comment box below.

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Reply Posted by NB on Monday September 26 2011 at 10:49
Why don't they change to the type that you need an 'age coin' for or a token cig machine? What is the point in taking them out when so many people smoke and shops arent open late in town centre to buy them

Reply Posted by Russell VR Ord on Monday September 26 2011 at 11:33
I do not see the banning of vending machines as a problem as they dispense over-priced, under filled packets of cigarettes anyway.  The smoking ban on the other-hand is a real pet hate of mine, especially where pubs are concerned.  Public houses should have been given the option to choose whether or not it was a 'smoking' establishment, or to include a well ventilated 'smoking room'.

Many traditional pubs in Barnsley have suffered since the smoking ban because the smokers either have stopped going in or they spend less time and fewer nights in the pub.  As a result, many have closed, taking with them a valuable social aspect to our community.

There is an alternative to smoking in pubs though that is perfectly legal and quite a similar experience.  The Campaign for Vaping in Pubs (CAM-VIP) was set up to promote the traditional pub back to the smoker by making them aware of this legal alternative - the electronic cigarette.  These use a nicotine liquid to produce a vapour which is inhaled; the exhaled vapour is almost odourless and of no danger to other pub goers.

Until recently, e-cigs were under threat of being banned but the annual report by the Governments 'nudge tank' has recommended that their use should be encouraged.  As such CAM-VIP are now in a position to push their awareness campaign, by organising 'Stay Inside' VIP Nights for the pub going smoker.

The first event will be held at The Anglers Rest, Wombwell on Wed 12th October from 7pm.  Any smoker attending will be given an ecig for FREE and encouraged to stay inside for the night (in the warmth) and enjoy the hospitality that the pub offers.  There will also be competitions and raffles to win 'better' ecigs and plenty of information about this alternative to smoking tobacco.

All products available on the night have been donated by various ecig vendors as CAM-VIP does not sell any products, it is just selling the pub back to smokers by treating them like VIPs for the night.

Russell VR Ord
Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

Reply Posted by Maximize10 on Monday September 26 2011 at 13:22
vending machines are still around? They should've been banned years ago simply because of their outrageous pricing! Removing said machines will not stop ppl smoking. If smokers don't take heed from the 'smoking kills' packaging, or the 'scarey' bad teeth/body in morgue pictures then they are not going to stop smoking just because there are no vending machines. If the government were so adamant to stop ppl smoking then there would be a total ban, and smoking would become illegal, as are drugs! But then think of the lost revenue...!

Reply Posted by Maximize10 on Monday September 26 2011 at 13:26
it's like buying anything else really, once the stores are closed they are closed! So make sure you have enough of what ever it is you might need/want..

Reply Posted by Alanthebutcher on Monday September 26 2011 at 17:05
The Removal Of Vending Machines Will Not Stop Anyone From Smoking, Never Mind Just Children. There will Always Be "That Bloke" From Down The Street Who Sells Imported Ones Or Who Will Buy Some For Under age Kids From The Shop. Total Ban Surely The Way To Go.But As Mentioned Previously Think About "The Revenue"
Thinking About The Revenue I Am Surprised That The Government Has Not Legalised Some Drugs And Slapped A Heavy Tax On Them, If They Did They Could Probably Reduce Fuel Duty, Now Then Food For Thought!

Reply Posted by Shazzer1970 on Tuesday September 27 2011 at 16:43
This will not make any difference to anyone except to the vending companys and the people they employ.In times of high unemployment i suppose its just another few thousand on the dole with nothing else to do than drink and smoke themselves to death.

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