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Boundary Changes - Are They Necessary? Do You Care?

Wednesday September 14 2011

PROPOSALS to change the electoral boundary lines could see some Barnsley constituencies carved up with some places potentially getting represented by someone new.

The changes mean that the MP that currently represents you in parliament could no longer be your point of call if the constituency boundaries are re-written.

Residents living in the Barnsley Central constituency will be moved to a new Barnsley North one - which will incorporate two wards (Cudworth and North East) from the existing Barnsley East constituency and one
(Dodworth) from the existing Barnsley West and Penistone constituency. So this means if you are in Cudworth and are currently represented by Michael Dugher MP, that would change.

A Barnsley South constituency could be formed - which is largely based on the existing Barnsley East constituency. It also contains Kingstone (moved from the existing Barnsley Central constituency) and Dearne North and South from the existing Wentworth and Dearne constituency.

A Barnsley West and Ecclesfield constituency that crosses the boundary between the Borough of Barnsley
and the City of Sheffield is also proposed. Darton West and Penistone East are included in this with East Ecclesfield, Firth Park, Southey, and West Ecclesfield.

What do you think to these plans? Is it necessary? And would you want to be represented by potentially the Sheffield MPs? Join our debate here.

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Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday September 14 2011 at 15:34
I agree with the proposal to reduce the total number of MP's from 650 to 600. There are too many politicians with too much free time going on too many taxpayer funded 'fact finding' trips around the globe. For example our own Mr Dugher has been to Israel & the US in the last few months.  Neither of which will be of benefit to Barnsley.  Similarly i'd like the council to cut the number of ward councillors by a third. We do not need 3 per ward - over 60 for Barnsley as a whole.

I'm fairly relaxed about the proposals for Barnsley North & South constituencies, but the Barnsley West / Ecclesfield geography does not work. The constituency doesn't really match up where people are living & working. If part of barnsley needs to link with Ecclesfield then it should be Hoyland Common.

It doesn't matter that the constituency crosses council boundaries, in fact I welcome it. MPs & Councils should not be 'in bed' together if we are to get the best services. Michael Dugher is so linked to the leaders of Barnsley Council that he will never say a bad word about them (and there are lots of bad things that could be said!). I'd like my MP to represent my interests in the constituency not be bound purely by his party political ties.

And just for info, before the 'tory' accusations come. I am generally a labour supporter, but I don't have much time for my MP, Mr Dugher, and I think our council has wasted £millions on ridiculous projects over the years & could be MUCH more efficent.