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Police appeal after bottle attack

Thursday December 1 2016

Police are appealing for witnesses after the attack Police are appealing for witnesses after the attack

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man lost two teeth after he was attacked with a bottle in Barnsley.

The 29-year-old man was assaulted at the New Bank pub in Doncaster road, Goldthorpe around 11.50pm on November 28.

It is believed he was struck in the face by a bottle after a fight broke out near the smoking area door inside the pub.

The man who is thought to have thrown the bottle has been described as white with short ginger hair, of a stocky build and was wearing a dark coloured top. He is also thought to be linked to a dark coloured Mercedes car that was in the car park at the time of the incident.

The victim suffered serious facial injuries and lost two of his teeth in the attack.

Anyone with further information should call police on 101.

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Reply Posted by shireen hall on Thursday December 1 2016 at 15:39
Barnsley is full of violence. The only some seem to be able to communiate is with hitting out and dreadful behaviour. Why can't everyone be civilised and talk to each other without anger. It's time they all grew up or be thrown in a room until they know how to behave in a decent manner. I'm well aware its happening everywhere these days but Barnsley is far worse than a lot of places. You bullies should be ashamed of your behaviour.

Reply Posted by tyke on Thursday December 1 2016 at 18:57
The pub & drinking culture is very big in Barnsley. It always has been but years ago people knew they would be going to work together after the weekend so it didn't get out of hand. And if it did it would often be sorted out at work. There was more sense of community and people would intervene. People nowadays can drink all day long if they want though I don't know where some people get the money from. Alcohol doesn't usually make people friendly or jovial after an hour or two let alone when various drugs are added to the mix. some people act the part so they can post on Facebook afterwards about how wasted they got. A lot of people just can't behave in a civilised way and can't have a conversation either. They act proud of their ignorance.I don't know that Barnsley is worse than a lot places. I don't live in Barnsley now and it doesn't seem much different from other poor northern towns.

Reply Posted by Scott towning on Friday December 2 2016 at 07:13
It was people from Doncaster that attacked that bloke with a bottle. So all comments about barnsley been all violence get your ******* facts right. Knobs

Reply Posted by Teresa on Friday December 2 2016 at 12:25
I am sure the police have that information then, that it was people from Doncaster and I hope there will be a follow up report to set the record straight but I doubt it. Shame. Hope the culprits from Doncaster are caught & charged.

Reply Posted by Mr C on Friday December 2 2016 at 16:05
I hope this violent thug gets caught

Reply Posted by Robdought on Friday December 2 2016 at 16:56
Sadly this side of scum behaviour is the every week or weekend stories in communities. The law needs to delt out as servere as the crimes that are committed.I don't go out a night any more for a drink I'm one of the large number of people that are choosing to drink with my friends tea time and leave for home around 7pm.

This behaviour is here to stay particular the number of young people mixing drink and drugs.There is no way of getting away from it its on every street and every area.

The police and the courts are powerless to deal with this kind of behaviour. Until MPs change the sentences and law and deal with the drug epidemic we are facing.

This kind of story will be everyday. News.

Reply Posted by timmy on Saturday December 3 2016 at 12:33
should have security on the door

Reply Posted by Asif hamed on Monday December 5 2016 at 13:01
I no who this was

Reply Posted by Harry on Monday December 5 2016 at 20:44
Tyke is right. Everyone is out for themselves nowadays if they had to clock on with locals they would be more careful who they upset because they would fear the repercussions. All the blokes in my family we're miners and problems were sorted out in the pit and people had no choice but to be more social. There was a natural hierarchy and everyone knew each other and knew where they stood.

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday December 7 2016 at 03:26
We do have some problems in our town centre when it comes to people using alcohol and other drugs, with some people being violent, particularly when they are under the influence of alcohol, and a lot who act this way have also been using other drugs at the same time, mainly stimulants (such as Mephedrone, cocaine, amphetamines etc.).

I myself was attacked on a night out, along with four other people, a couple of years ago, by a man who had been thrown out of a nightclub and in anger at this, he decided to attack anybody who was nearby without any warning. He was caught at the scene after having made the fourth attack, there was some CCTV evidence (poor quality and thus it was unable to be used in court), there was also multiple statements from the public.

The CPS said there wasn't enough evidence and dropped the assault charges, and to be perfectly honest, the way the prisons are run at the minute, it probably would not have done any good to jail the attacker, as we are failing to rehabilitate the majority of criminals

It seems to be the case, that a few people, most of them men, cause trouble in between 11pm and 5am over the weekend and injure other people who are merely trying to have a good time, with other members of the community and unwind a little on their 2 days off. Most people are friendly and help others and a lot of trouble is stopped before it starts as people intervene and calm down those being aggressive.

One feels pity for the people who are violent, and I wonder why they do this, because they often have problems of their own, which they are unable to deal with, not only that, but they are unable to acknowledge and even talk about their problems. - This needs to change.

If we had a greater availability of help available through the mental health services and such help was widely known about and encouraged by the majority of the public, then perhaps people with anger issues could deal with them and the things in their life that make them angry and react violently.

Violence is wrong and it should be condemned, and there should be some punishment through the justice system for those who are violent, but more importantly there needs to be rehabilitation for those who are violent, and programs which will prevent it from happening in the first place.

The problems we have, are pretty obvious and they can be dealt with fairly easily. We need to look to preventing them occuring in the first place, and rehabilitating those who cause, rather than seeking to punish people for the sake of punishment, only for them to carry on as they did before, because they have unaddressed anger issues.

By and large, the town is populated by good people. I often find myself pleasantly surprised at the kindness and honesty of people, in particular those who are stereotyped and stigmatised and thought of as bad.

We need to be careful in how we view each other, because if people expect the worse of other people, and ignore all of their good qualities, we end up with a self fulfilling prophesy.
If somebody does wrong, it must be pointed out and dealt with, but we should also recognise a person's good qualities and encourage them.

If a man is labelled a good for nowt drunkard druggie who is violent etc. etc., by others he will begin to think he is, and behave accordingly.
If his good qualities are acknowledged and he is praised for them, he will feel better because he has done good and such behaviour is respected.

All to often we focus on the bad, and ignore the good. And we encourage bad behaviour whilst doing nothing to encourage good behaviour.

Reply Posted by Harry on Friday December 16 2016 at 21:18
Mr c. Hahahahaha you dont know me at all and thats a good thing for you. If you did you wouldn't have such an attitude old cock you'd be a stuttering mess trying your best to get away. Enjoy your fantasy pal best of luck to you.

Reply Posted by Craig on Monday December 19 2016 at 14:48
Shireen you dont half talk some tripe. You self righteous old giffer

Reply Posted by Shaun on Thursday December 22 2016 at 14:27
Isn't it just our way of offering someone we dont like a free beer