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Police urge members of public to be aware of cold calling fraudsters

Monday November 14 2016

police vest police vest

A MAN and woman from South Yorkshire have lost a large quantity of money after being targeted by a fraudster who claimed he worked for an investment company.

It is believed the man who referred to himself as Mr Ross, cold called the couple claiming to be from a company called ‘GPM by Asadia’, and said he could earn them considerable interest on their investment if they purchased shares in a company called ‘Currency Fair’.

The couple transferred a large sum of money as an investment but received nothing in return.

Detective Sergeant Jim Cross who investigated this case said: "If you are unsure about something always seek advice from a professional or your bank and never disclose your personal or banks details, unless you know the organisation and are happy to do so.

"If you are worried about any hoax calls please do not hesitate to contact police by calling either 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

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Reply Posted by Darfield Tyke on Monday November 14 2016 at 14:08
How Stupid can people get! Pure Greed, Keep your money in the BANK!.

Reply Posted by Bob on Tuesday November 15 2016 at 11:15
Theres a learning curve here. A steep one. Dont hand money over to anyone! Nobody is going to turn up unannounced at your door and make money for you in good faith. So stop being greedy and tell them to sling there hook. Like my old man used to tell me as a lad.. theres no such thing as a free lunch.

Reply Posted by Annie on Tuesday November 15 2016 at 15:41
The person/ people who did this fraud are despicable.
But it also seems some people have more money than sense to fall for this scam. It doesn't sound like it happened in one phone call either.

Reply Posted by Gordon bennett on Tuesday November 15 2016 at 16:00
I had one the night, said he was a cold caller , so I let him in for a warm,