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Pregnant women urged to give birth at home

Monday October 24 2016

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

PREGNANT women in Barnsley are being encouraged to give birth to their babies at home rather than in hospital - which costs nearly £600 more. 

A group of community midwives is looking at how it can raise the profile of home births and work out why women in Barnsley are choosing not to have them.

In Barnsley, there were 25 homebirths last year out of 3,000 deliveries - just one per cent. 

Hospital papers show the average cost of giving birth at home is £1,066, compared to the £1,631 it costs to have a baby in hospital.

A hospital spokesman said there were many benefits to homebirths, though it may not be the right choice if there are medical or obstetric reasons.

Women would also be transferred to hospital if they needed further pain relief such as an epidural.

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Reply Posted by Tori on Tuesday October 25 2016 at 17:55
This Amazes me. I wanted a home birth with my 2nd child and mentioned it to the midwife a few times and I was completely discouraged to do this. Neither of my 2 pregnancies encounted any complications and I had normal labours & births so couldn't understand. In the end I put it down to staff shortages and it being an inconvenience to the midwife.

Reply Posted by Smee on Monday October 31 2016 at 20:11
Very strange that this topic has been brought up, as a few years ago pregnant women were usually talked out of giving birth at home. It's also very strange that it's the community midwifes, along with administrators, who are now suggesting this particular option. Are the community midwifes feared that their jobs may vanish? If not, what next? In trying to save further financial resources, are the adminisrators intending them to forgo their motor vehicles and do their community rounds on bicycles again?

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