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Crime has dropped - Do you feel safer?

Wednesday April 20 2011

South Yorkshire Police has released figured today which show that 10,000 fewer crimes have been recorded in the last year. But our debate question today is: do you feel safer? What more do you think the police can do, given they are facing £40m budget cuts?

Drug offences, fraud and forgery crimes, burglaries and knife crimes have fallen but there has been an increase in theft and handling stolen goods offences and gun crime (excluding air weapons).

South Yorkshire Police has today released its annual recorded crime statistics for the financial year April 2010 to March 2011 compared with the previous 12-month period. These figures show a drop in total crime of 9%, down 10,128 to 102,741 offences.

But with budgets acros the force being cut by £40m over the next few years - there are worries as to how the service will operate.


Total vehicle crime has fallen by 2,879 crimes – that’s a drop of 18% to 13,381. This figure includes theft of motor vehicles – down 990 to 4,510 offences, and theft from motor vehicles – down 1,889 crimes to 8,871.

There were 4,271 fewer criminal damage offences recorded comparing April 2010 to March 2011 with the previous financial year, a reduction of 17% to 20,579.

Drug offences are down 6% by 314 crimes to 5,036. Fraud and forgery offences are down 30% from 3,274 to 2,289 – a drop of 985 crimes.

Theft and handling stolen goods offences are up 8% by 1,965 crimes to 27,303. House burglaries have only shown a slight reduction of 30 crimes, down less than 1% to 7,249. Other burglaries however are down by 828 crimes, falling 9% to 8,603.

Chief Constable Hughes said: “The increase in theft offences is attributed to a significant rise in metal thefts. There has been an increase in the price of metal, making it a more valuable commodity to would be thieves. This crime directly affects the lives of people across the county, for example, the theft of communications cables, lead from house roofs, manhole covers from the streets.”

Knife crime is down by 86 crimes, a 15% reduction to 485 comparing the 2010/11 financial year with the previous 12-month period. Gun crime (excluding air weapons) is up by 13 offences, an 11% increase to 136.

Total violent crime has seen another substantial reduction falling 2,677 offences to 17,019, a drop of 14%. This crime category includes:

Violence against the person offences – down 14% by 2,508 crimes to 15,242
Robbery – down 144 offences, a 14% drop to 871
Sexual offences – down 3% to 906 crimes, a fall of 25


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Reply Posted by Blah on Wednesday April 20 2011 at 09:59
What would be more interesting to know is the percentage of these crimes that actually lead to someone being caught and given a conviction.

Reply Posted by Daverobbo8441 on Wednesday April 20 2011 at 10:03
It's always easy to say that crime has dropped. Having for years been part of the Crime and Safety group, I beg to differ. Faith in our Police has dropped, therefore, reporting drops. We have a culture of why bother? At one time, I used to see our PCSO's on the streets and the occassional Constable. I can't remember the last time I saw them