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Barnsley revealed as least broody place in UK

Monday September 19 2016

The least broody place in the UK is Barnsley according to the data The least broody place in the UK is Barnsley according to the data

BARNSLEY has been revealed as the least broody place in the UK.

Data taken from 350,000 members of dating site Elite Singles found that just 19 per cent of single women in Barnsley wanted kids in the future.

The data also found that the most 'baby mad' places to live in the UK are in London.

The statistics were compiled from data entered by 350,000 single women with no children aged between 18-45 on the dating website.

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Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Monday September 19 2016 at 10:51
I haven't posted in a while as I don't appreciate my views being edited - however elite singles is a very very very narrow view of the world - there are plenty of people in Barnsley who have kids to maintain their state incomes from benefits. It's unlikely they use elite singles as they're too busy trying to score drugs.

Barnsley is not a very nice place to bring up children, there are no family friendly pubs in the town centre - the inability of the authorities to do anything long term about the low lives that hang around and cause antisocial behavior in the town makes it less appealing to take your kids shopping.
You cannot walk into the shops without walking through a wall of cigarette smoke to get into them.
And the level of language in use is appalling - on the rare occasions I do dare to go to the bank - I hear the F- word at least once between the car park, going to the bank and coming back again.
The parks are not pleasant environments either - (bad language / chavs with dangerous dogs / the usual dose of drug addicts) - yes the parks are nicer if you go further afield and get in the car - but then we are in the car and we might as well keep on driving.
Anyway back to elite singles (which is not exclusively for "elite singles" you can just be out to get yourself an "elite single" - and lets be realistic even if the women on their are being genuine most of the men will just be looking for an affair and would filter out the "women who want kids" section as an "unlikely to give it up on a one night stand". - Now back to the bit that WAB will probably keep - 350,000 users - how many of them live in Barnsley? lets say 2% thats 7000 people so its probably a lot smaller percentage than that - lets say there are 1000 women with a Barnsley postcode on elite singles approx 0.2% - a very very very narrow view of the world.

Reply Posted by Buster on Monday September 19 2016 at 11:44
Oh, dear, I fear "Mr Reality Check" is so far up himself that he is in danger of turning inside out, lol.
If you don't like Barnsley, mate, you know what you can do, and the fact that you don't do that, but instead, choose to hang around poisoning yourself and others, is a testament to your mental state.
Get a life.

Reply Posted by Busted on Monday September 19 2016 at 15:09
Oh dear, Buster, if you don't like mr reality check's views on Barnsley, you know what you can do. plenty of people in Barnsley want change and welcome BMBC's attempts to improve the town,

Reply Posted by Buster on Monday September 19 2016 at 15:53
Oh, dear, I wonder who you really are, sticking up for Mr Reality Check.
It took you long enough to come up with a response, and a sad attempt at a witty/ingenious name. "Busted", lol.
Anyway, where are the creative suggestions for improving the town?
The post is just a load of negative drivel from someone with a superiority complex.
I would pit many of the "low lives that hang around" against YOU for the quality of their hearts, and for their acceptance of other people as having a right to live, and to develop their souls naturally, instead of kissing fascist ass for a living.

Reply Posted by Buster on Monday September 19 2016 at 17:19
Having read the "Mr Reality Check" posting again, there is a very feminine feel to it, and I am now under the impression that "Mr Reality Check" is, in fact, female, perhaps a mother, perhaps single.
If this is true, Ms. "Mr Reality Check", perhaps you, and your comments, would be better accepted if you posted as a female. It changes the whole tone of the conversation, making it more understandable why certain comments were made, instead of coming across as a bitter, and negative male contributor.

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 11:36
Buster if this is your attempt to ask me out on a date you can find me on Elite singles.com - but be warned I am very broody!

Reply Posted by Avina L'augh on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 13:22
Now that is funny! you would do well on Elite.singles for having a GSOH if nothing else.

Reply Posted by Busted on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 15:33
Hi Buster
My name is as much Busted as yours is Buster.
I was not ' sticking up ' for Reality Check as I am not 7 years old.
I agree with him Barnsley is not a great place to bring up kids if you use the town centre.
People who hang around the centre may well have good hearts and I am sure they accept the right of others to live and develop their souls so I don't want my grandkids to develop their souls by seeing people puking, fitting and shooting up in broad daylight.

Reply Posted by Buster on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 16:06
You need to be an anti social, benefit claiming, chain smoking, effing and blinding low life, with a dozen kids, or I'm not interested.

Reply Posted by Buster on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 17:00
Many towns and cities have problems far worse than Barnsley's.
How would some of you cope if we had the problems they have?
What are you hoping to happen to these people who don't meet with your personal approval? Mass extermination?
What you see happening is a fact of life these days, and until the solution is found to turn society around, you can whinge away all you like but, you'll only wear yourself, and others, down.
BTW. I'm not an airy fairy dreamer, speaking from an aloof point of view.
I've grown up in Barnsley, from nursery to grammar school, worked in factories, been in the army, worked on the buses, and I've had various other jobs in my life. I'm now a retired pensioner.
I've met my share of people of all classes, and someone has to stick up for the ones suffering at the bottom end. Some of them never stood a chance, and here we have heartless people judging them. What if you had been in their shoes, had been born into their lives, ended up with their fate?
I had a brother who went astray a bit, as can happen but, someone got him onto heroin. I learnt a lot about the destructiveness of that drug. I watched his body slowly disintegrate as the heroin use gradually shrank his blood vessels, starving his bones and tissues of nutrients. He died a horrible death.
He tried rehab twice but, he couldn't beat it. It is a death sentence to many that get caught by it.
So, okay then, read this, and then post the kind of comments that prove how smart, witty, mercilessly rock hard, and stoney hearted you can be. Enjoy. :-)

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 20:24
It's getting a bit dry up in here; Just to be clear - don't be dropping the "Mr" from my name because someone assumed my gender!

Choice - the one thing that each person on this planet has - whether they admit it or they don't Buster. I've grown up in this town, I've buried my dad, I've buried my son and I haven't chosen drugs.
I don't swear around children, I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol and I'll be god dammed if I should have to tolerate my world be impacted negatively by those who choose.

The issues I have are with the "tolerant" - the people who are too self absorbed to apply themselves to make a positive contribution - if you did serve in the forces you should know that being in that environment lifted your standards, when you were in the forces you had and maintained the highest standards of presentation and behavior, not because your CO told you to - but because you understood the impact not maintaining those standards had on the man standing to your right, the man behind you and the one who may go before you. So tolerating this level of deprivation in my perspective of this world is just as bad as being the one causing the problem.

Going "... astray a bit" and dying of drug abuse is like saying they misplaced that Malaysian Airplane, and when you boil away the emotion and are left with whats is left you are left with the choices made by that person.

Mass extermination - we don't have the rail network to cope with that solution - i'd suggest time effort and resources were made available to rehabilitate, sterilize and evict repeat offenders and only allow people from Elitesingles.com to reproduce.

Reply Posted by Buster on Wednesday September 21 2016 at 13:57
O, most perfect and illustrious person, teach me how to talk like a fascist pig, while at the same time assuming an air of righteous indignation; how to talk about sterilizing other human beings, whilst positioning oneself as being of a superior class or race; how to bring Nazi attitudes into the 21st century whilst at the same masquerading as a decent upright citizen.
Surely, only a being of the highest order could bamboozle the masses with such well practiced alacrity.
I prostrate at your feet, O, Master.

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Monday September 26 2016 at 11:57
Well that sucked the fun out of it all didn't it!

For several days I was concerned for your prostate - thank goodness for Google.

In other new I may have found some Elite love.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Monday September 19 2016 at 13:29
Wab the headline is misleading. It's a very narrow portion of data and not a fair representation of the overall populace.

I would say that it could be said that the opposite is true being the high levels of teen pregnancy highlighted by this very site in an article, although we know you don't necessarily need to be broody to get knocked up.

Mr Reality check, replace the word barnsley with the majority of towns and cities up and down the country and the statement probably would still stick wouldn't it?

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Monday September 19 2016 at 15:18
I endorse your comments and agree Yes - but this isn't "We Are Everywhere"!

Reply Posted by Annie on Monday September 19 2016 at 13:55
I don't think that the data from 350,000 people on a dating site is much to go on really.
I only wish that Barnsley was the least broody place in the country as whenever I go to Barnsley General I am genuinely shocked by the number of pregnant women I see smoking in the smoking areas and doorways, some in their PJs, some in hospital clothes. Is that being broody? Smoking and poisoning the blood supply to your baby?

Reply Posted by Lee on Monday September 19 2016 at 15:28
Obviously never met my ex ...

Reply Posted by ALED on Monday September 19 2016 at 18:31
Barnsley till I die

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