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Campaigners organise anti-fracking events

Tuesday September 6 2016

No Fracking In Barnsley campaign No Fracking In Barnsley campaign

CAMPAIGNERS have organised two public anti-fracking events.

Film maker Ian Crane will be presenting his documentary film Voices from the Gasfields and will be taking questions afterwards in an event at The Venue, Stocksbridge, this Thursday at 7pm.

Then on Thursday September 15, anti-fracking campaigner Dave Burley will be hosting an event called Are We Going to be Fracked? at the Coronation Club in Thurnscoe.

Most of Barnsley is now covered by fracking licences granted to several firms, but companies will have to apply for planning permission for any operations before they can make use of those licences.

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Reply Posted by Gavelar on Tuesday September 6 2016 at 12:09
Fracking is going to come to Barnsley as no-one cares, We'll just roll over like we have with all the unwanted developments.

Planning applications will be granted we don't oppose anything will for anyone and people will only start to notice once the process has started. The implications of Fracking on our health and the environment could be massive. It will be future generations that will have to deal with the consequences, when the cases crack and leak poisonous fluid into the water course. The Fracking companies will be long gone then and the money they made out of reach. It's happened in the US and Austrailia, it will happen here. Thanks to us not owning the mineral rights to our land we won't even get any benefit, just increased traffic on unsuitable roads. Increased pollution Billions of gallons of water being made poisonous and no reduction in our gas bills. Doesn't really seem like we'll get any benefit does it. that's cos we won't.

The north again will be pillaged for natural resources at the expense of the environment and health of the residents just as it was in the industrial revolution.

There are absolutely no fracking sites in the home counties or around London and I wonder why? The people that own the drilling companies and are telling us they are safe don't live here. UK Fracking has a terrible record yet it's still good enough for Barnsley.

Threaten to knock down a fire damaged buiding however and we're up in arms.

Reply Posted by ????? on Wednesday September 7 2016 at 14:44
So which parts of Barnsley aren't covered by a licence, it would be nice to know.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Wednesday September 7 2016 at 21:00
I think you can probably guess.

Silkstone, stainborough, cawthorne, hoyland swaine. Everywhere else is fair game

Reply Posted by Sharon Stone on Friday September 9 2016 at 14:21
Ignore the eco nutters and their scaremongering, there's no evidence that fracking is unsafe. We've nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Reply Posted by Bullys soap box on Monday September 12 2016 at 09:25
Industry statistics from North America show that around 6% of fracking wells leak immediately. We already know that 50% of conventional oil and gas wells leak within 30 years – but fracking hasn’t been around long enough for this kind of data to exist for fracking wells.

Leaking wells lead to a risk of water contamination. Lord Smith, former chair of the Environment Agency, has said this is the biggest risk posed by fracking. So it’s particularly concerning that the Government has now said it will allow fracking companies to drill through aquifers which provide household drinking water.

The Government now admits fracking presents risks to human health. Fracking could also affect house prices.

No evidence at all.

Reply Posted by Bullys soap box on Monday September 12 2016 at 13:03
Fracking is harmless and would bring jobs and prosperity to Barnsley. The sooner it happens the better!

Reply Posted by Steven James on Monday September 12 2016 at 14:16
The only prosperity it will bring will be in the form of MASSIVE PROFITS for the fracking companies involved in this IDIOTIC venture, if you think it will bring your gas bill down too then you are also an IDIOT.