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Play area damaged by fire

Wednesday August 24 2016

The play area The play area

A CHILDREN'S play area in Kendray has suffered £8,000 worth of damage from a wheelie bin fire started by vandals. 

Fire crews were called to Central Park in Kendray at around 1am this morning to put out a fire in the play area.

A council spokesperson said: "It appears that a wheelie bin was put under the climbing frame after being set on fire.

"We estimate the damage to cost around £8,000 to repair and replace. We've removed the damaged half of the climbing frame and will replace the rubber surface as soon as possible."

Anyone with further information should contact the police on 101 using incident number 539/24.08.2016.

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Reply Posted by Severely Pissed Off on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 16:21
This is getting beyond a damn joke now!

Complain there's nothing for your kids to do through the holidays..
Keep the bad little scrotes on a tighter leash so that other children aren't losing out !

Absolutely unnecessary criminal damage that affects every single family around here, aswell as giving the area a worse name than its already got!

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 17:43
Kendray teenager scumbag scrubber squad ,doing as they please- they need to get a hobby and a life- walk around thinking they own the place and causing unnecessary damage and intimidate elderly. When will the police stop them!

Reply Posted by Moffann on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 19:02
They haven't got the resources to police every play area or estate after their massive budget cuts..it's got to be down to the parents..like in town..what kids would be out riding bikes near old Coop building at around 5.45am without parents knowing they were out .decent kids have a home and bed time!..And the parents find out where they are..and set boundries! Down to the parents as in old days your kids..your responsibility!..

Reply Posted by Joke!! on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 21:04
I saw the police with these thugs at the edge of the park around 10:15pm last night talking and hanging around with them... The police know who's done it!!! But there a set off spineless ********!! Who are only interested in prosecuting the ones that can pay a fine... ****** disgraceful!!!

Reply Posted by kendray resident on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 23:05
Its about time the police and council do something about these thugs calling themselves kendray massive..they strutt around causing caos and mayhem and get away with it..The area near the post office/jack fultons and premier is a right mess, rubbish all over the place and people feel intimidated by the large gang of kids that hang around there. Bus window was put through, bus shelters vandalised, rubbish thrown all over, throwing at passing cars..when will it all end. Ive lived here all my life and its never been like this!!!

Reply Posted by Kendray resident on Wednesday August 24 2016 at 23:22
It's beyond a joke, lived in Kendray all my life and its never been like this ashamed to admit I live here. 25 plus members of gang at bus shelter opposite Jack Fultons earlier shouting, swearing,fighting jumping up and down on top of shelter police turned up and they were shouting and swearing at police to chase them, they love the attention and nothing seems to be done to stop these little ***** causing havoc and intimidating people, they are making peoples lifes a living nightmare, how much more must Kendray residents put up with?

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Thursday August 25 2016 at 11:50
I used to live in Kendray for 12 years. Moved out about 4 year ago and from then its got worse than ever. I was down near the new Fultons store and the road is just full of rubbish and broken glass. So glad i moved out when i did.

Reply Posted by Ex Kendray on Thursday August 25 2016 at 14:29
It is a mess and I feel sorry for the long term residents, getting older and seeing the nonsense going on around them. Why can't the police and other agencies do a sweep of the area, or just a part of it, and pick up those suspected of criminal damage, possession etc, get them off the streets for a day at least and see what else comes out of the woodwork. Get their parents down the police station too and challenge their benefits. Fine people and have the fine deducted from benefits. How else is it going to change?

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Friday August 26 2016 at 09:46
These feral youths from feral families understand one deterrent - a severe and i mean severe damn good thrashing . ITS THE ONLY WAY.

Reply Posted by Mrs g on Monday September 5 2016 at 01:40
These teenagers in Kendray are getting away with criminal damage the police don't do anything apart from talk to them these thugs are causing havoc all over Kendray its disgusting they think its a joke something needs to be done and fast