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Barnsley man ordered to pay over £100,000 under Proceeds of Crime Act

Monday August 15 2016

Anthony Eden Anthony Eden

A BARNSLEY man who illegally imported cigarettes and tobacco into the UK has been ordered to pay over £100,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Anthony Kevin Eden, 64, of Meyrick Drive, Darton, was caught when police investigating a burglary at his home found 77,000 cigarettes and 111kg tobacco, on which the duty - over £36,000 -  had not been paid.

Eden, who was jailed for 18 months in June last year for tax evasion, told South Yorkshire Police he had been looking after the tobacco for someone else, but refused to say who. 

Two years earlier, Eden and his wife, Molly, were caught trying to bring 12.5kg of non-duty paid hand-rolling tobacco through Manchester Airport, and were issued with a warning letter advising them of the consequences of illegally importing tobacco.

During a hearing at Leeds Magistrates Court last week, an order for the forfeiture of £10,080.00 seized from Eden's home was made, and a confiscation order for £95,000 was made under Proceeds of Crime Act.   

Eden was given three months to pay the money, or face extra time in prison.  

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Reply Posted by Gaz on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 00:24
If the floor wasn't stuck down they would slap tax on it... Oh right yeah they already did! Give people a break its a victimless crime but they'll quite happily let nonces and thugs run free with barely a slap on the wrist? What a wonderful world we live in, you can't even go earn your bread anymore without being told what you gotta work as, how many hours your allowed to work and screw your dreams.

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 07:16
This is one weird comment ?,together with the others you have made in news items you need to cut back on substance misuse and find work,or if you are in the care in the community program better have your bloods checked for your medication level it may be too high high or too low,

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Thursday August 18 2016 at 16:10
Gaz ,
im rather concerned with your mental health , please contact a professional whom will be able to assist you.

Reply Posted by Julie on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 06:44
Tories avoid tax all the time with their off shore bank accounts. Double standards as usual.

Reply Posted by Alan B on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 20:26
well, you could have an off shore bank account if you wanted one, just like anyone else.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 09:48
Double standards for tax in this country - Starbucks get to "agree" how much they pay tax - little man gets the book thrown at him.

Don't agree with tax avoidance or evasion as its the public purse that suffers but it's dificult to take seriously.

Fella doesn't sound too clever either, having already been caught once and warned he invited the police to have a look around his home after a burglary and didn't shift his stock? Jeez

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 17:09
,This is not about tax evasion,,,This man is a tobacco smuggler and dealer,it is about the confiscation of money made while he committed these crimes,He tried to smuggle 250 packs @50grms of hand rolling tobacco seized at Manchester airport 2 yrs ago and then over 2,000 packs @50 grms where found at his home together with 3,850 packs of cigarettes ,This is not a happy go lucky chappy bringing back a few extra packs to sell to pay for a few bills,this was a very big business on a par to organized crime,

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 21:57
Gaz, the victims of this victimless crime are everyone. My taxes go up or spending is cut do to tax dodging and illicit trade. How else do we pay your benefits but with tax earnings

Reply Posted by Guilty on Wednesday August 17 2016 at 11:02
This man broke the law, so must suffer the consequences. And rightly so.

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Thursday August 18 2016 at 16:11
A good sound thrashing too would be a nice bonus

Reply Posted by Cde on Wednesday August 17 2016 at 15:58

This bloke wasn't going out to earn his bread, he was running a tax dodging scam and he got caught (again.) If his dream was to be a smuggler, then yes it got screwed. He is 64 years old! So if he has left it till now to follow his dreams he has blown it, he will be getting his state pension (that us tax payers fund) in a few months.

Reply Posted by Dan on Saturday August 27 2016 at 02:11
Jeremy? Is that you Jeremy Kyle?

Don't give me the "your the reason my taxes are so high" bullshit, that's exactly what the powers that be want you to believe and evidently, they have succeeded.

Your taxes are higher and will continue to raise because this country at the moment is run by greedy self-serving, paedophile protecting ******** as far as I can see.

This incident is a drop in the ocean of antics of our dishonest, money hungry, war mongering. Selfish, politicians. But sadly, the majority of the public's opinions are warped and so far removed from the truth that they may as well be vocalised from a Himalayan mountain goat's anus.

Personally I blame the mostly biased, drip fed media (propaganda) they call news.

If you disbelieve me I will gladly provide sources.

Also, never look down your nose and be so quick to judge to those who claim benefits (if they even claim benefits!) because God forbid you become Ill and require help yourself at some point. I'd bet my giro that superior attitude would quickly diminish..never say never, you don't know what's around the corner.

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