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Police chiefs warn against open water swimming

Tuesday July 19 2016

Police have issued a swimming warning Police have issued a swimming warning

POLICE chiefs are warning locals not to swim in open water this summer because of hidden dangers that could lead to drowning. 

In the last five years, police have attended 85 water rescues in South Yorkshire, including five drownings. 

Inspector Richard Batty, from South Yorkshire Police, said: “Although the water might seem inviting, freezing temperatures, hidden currents and debris underneath the water can all pose grave dangers.

“The water can often be a lot colder than expected and swimming in freezing temperatures, even if the weather is warm, can affect your ability to swim and can soon mean you find yourself in some difficulty.

“With murky waters, it’s also unclear as to how deep a body of water can be. People can throw all sorts in rivers and reservoirs, from old bedding to car engines and this can cause severe injury, particularly if you’re jumping in from a height.

“Weeds can also grow underneath the surface, which can prove to be very dangerous and can lead to swimmers becoming tangled up in them."

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Reply Posted by the grimreaper on Tuesday July 19 2016 at 15:02
Only complete fools would engage in this

Reply Posted by Doris on Tuesday July 19 2016 at 16:44
Well there's plenty of them about!

Reply Posted by You2stfu on Tuesday August 16 2016 at 02:20
These 2 were never young just ashame the rivers and open waters are such a tip because my memories of being a child were exactly this kinda thing but theres a time and a place and for 85 people that wasn't theirs

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