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EU referendum: Did the UK vote the right way?

Monday June 27 2016

Brexit: Did Britain vote the right way? Brexit: Did Britain vote the right way?

A petition has been launched requesting a second EU referendum.

The UK voted to leave the European Union on Friday, and Barnsley joined the UK in voting out.

It was a majority vote, with 83,958 votes to leave and 38,951 to remain.

However, with the Brexit campaign backtracking on some of its promises, with the pound continuing to fall, and with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over Britain, did the UK make the right decision in voting out of the EU?

Will leaving the EU turn out to be a good thing? Will we start to see positives once the dust has settled? Or do you wish the UK had voted to stay in?

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Reply Posted by Chriss O'connell on Monday June 27 2016 at 11:53
It has been one of the worse weeks of my life. Living in Wales where the positive impact of the EU has been felt for over 30 years and with some of the lowest levels of immigration in the country, we vote as a nation leave and a key deciding factor was immigration. Lots of people from ALL political parties need to examine why the people of Wales voted in tbis way!

Reply Posted by Stuart on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 10:27
The people of Wales obviously voted for democracy .. End of .. Get over it .. " Worst week of my life " .. good god .. 60 years ago people were losing their lives for people like you so that we didn't have to live under a dictatorship .. now you want to give it away without even a whimper . shameful.

Reply Posted by Darren Higgins on Monday June 27 2016 at 13:04
I am disgusted that we voted as a nation in this way without knowing exactly what the implications would be. Where did the EU negatively impact on Barnsley people ? I have heard the NHS, closed pits and immigration used to scare people into thinking the EU caused and was I fact negative. No doubt there are those with a more objective decision to vote Out, but I believe the decision to opt out of the EU has been made subjectively by a majority who were ill informed of the catastrophic outcome following this vote. The Tories strike again.

Reply Posted by David C on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 14:42
You're disgusted ? 17 million people "ill informed " .. really ?? what are you rambling on about .

Reply Posted by Steve on Monday June 27 2016 at 15:54
I hate articles like this as all you get are cry baby remainers. Get a grip were coming out of the EU.

Reply Posted by Stop moaning on Monday June 27 2016 at 16:38
Well said steve.too many do gooder's moaning cos they havent got their own way.im sick to death of them using the excuse that all that voted out are racist or using the excuse of immigration.enoughs enough and its time we where out too.who wants to live in a society where other countys decide how much tax we pay.choose our working laws.and choose to over flow our country to the extent that our nhs is at breaking point.our police forces are buckling cos of all the cut backs.councils simply cant cope.need i go on.if you dont like that we exit.then you exit too.

Reply Posted by Dave G on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 10:18
After reading some of the comments on these pages over the last few days it's becoming even more obvious that the younger people of our country actually have no idea of what democracy really is. How they've got the nerve to label all 17 million people who want to leave as being racists is absolutely shameful. What they don't realise is that if it hadn't have been for " project fear " from Camoron and his acolytes, the leave vote would have been much much larger. How they can switch the "fear" factor as coming from Farage alone is truly worrying. It's this reason that really makes me worry for my country, when they eventually realise that the older people fought for democracy more than anything else they will be thankful. It's quite obvious that they are indoctrinated with Pro EU propaganda from a very early age. Thank god that's now stopped.

Reply Posted by Eve on Monday June 27 2016 at 17:04
The majority of the nation voted to leave the EU, therefore we are leaving the EU, simple as that. The behaviour of many remain voters has been disgusting and embarrassing at times and in my opinion that was their pitfall. It's time now to move on and stop all the fear stories regarding leaving the EU it was obvious a leave vote would bring uncertainty and a temporary weakening of the pound but it was the right choice and the UK will prosper in future years but in the short term shut up and get on with it.

Reply Posted by Julie mcgowan on Monday June 27 2016 at 19:11
From all the commentary it appears it was a tissue of political lies to convince people to leave. The referendum appears badly designed with a close majority deciding major decisions. I think there should be another referendum but a better designed one. All,politicians who made false promises should resign and be prosecuted.

Reply Posted by Dave G on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 10:21
Another one who has no idea of the word " Democracy " .. I feel truly sorry for you Julie .. i really do ..

Reply Posted by Hmm on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 14:42
I understand democracy and the margin of the win is not an issue but if a campaign is instantly proven to be built on lies less than a day after the votes have been counted then shouldn't those who were hoodwinked into voting for these lies be given the opportunity to change their decision? Especially when so many people who voted have now expressed their regret based upon these lies.

This isn't just an issue for this referendum but for democracy and the voting system in general. Our politicians lie because they are allowed to and don't get punished.

If a director of a business published accounts which they believe may be false then they are prosecuted but a politician can influence our future by doing exactly the same thing and that is perfectly acceptable?

Punishment for any politician making or supporting a knowingly false statement and a revote at their expense is the only way to stop this political culture of lies

Reply Posted by Dave G on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 18:49
"Hmm" You are absolutely correct, spot on, if the remoaners knew what the EU had in store for us there would have been 25 million people voting out and not 17 million ..

Reply Posted by keith hitchins on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 07:53
I voted leave, I still believe we did the right thing and I think the government now needs to show that we really are a democracy and do what the majority asked for

Reply Posted by Dave G on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 10:22
I'm with you KH ..

Reply Posted by Lies on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 19:38
The majority wanted £35 million a day to go the NHS not the EU, but that was lies wasn't it. Or a 'mistake'. More mistakes/ lies are revealed every day.

Reply Posted by Mr C on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 11:56
Another scare mongering read,makes me sick I'm glad and proud we are coming out of a control system that resembles what hitler had in mind for Europe and people need to stop moaning and bellyaching because they didn't get thaire own way

Reply Posted by Dave Moncreif on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 18:17
Whatever deal we get with the EU once article 50 is invoked THERE CAN BE NO, I REPEAT NO "FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT" crap!


Reply Posted by Mr C on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 19:35
I think we need a revolution in this country sort out all the politicians look at France for example they would be rioting by now after been fed lies about leaving and going back on what they was saying was going to happen if we leave, I'm still glad I voted out through and I'm not a racist like the vote stay moan on about

Reply Posted by Junker on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 20:03
17 million voter and all of them THICK AS PIGSHIT, Whats next a vote on public hanging.

Reply Posted by Dave Moncreif on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 20:30
Don't you mean "Voters" Junker?

Talk about irony!

Now who's as thick as pigshit?

Reply Posted by paul on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 22:16
Successive governments have spent millions and millions and millions of pounds on education in the forty-odd years since we joined the EU. What a complete f×××××g waste of money.

Reply Posted by Dave G on Friday July 8 2016 at 01:55
Looks like it wasn't wasted on you though paul .. cos you know everything ..

Reply Posted by paul on Tuesday June 28 2016 at 22:38
Young lad on Channel 4 News last night, in Hartlepool, thinks that when we leave the EU, they're going to start building loads of factories and a hospital, around where he lives, with some of that 350 million quid.

Err, no they're not. Don't think helping these struggling northern towns is going to be high up on the agenda for Boris "ice cream head" Johnson.

Reply Posted by Dave G on Friday July 8 2016 at 01:53
This is Paul everyone .. he's a remainer and he wants you to know that he knows everything, about everything .... Don't you Paul ..

Reply Posted by Junker on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 00:20
Turkeys voting for Christmas

Reply Posted by paul on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 00:25
Too right. Might have to make do with synthetic ham this year though. £7.50 a slice.

Reply Posted by Dave G on Friday July 8 2016 at 01:54
Another little gem from paul .. he knows everything does paul ..

Reply Posted by newbie on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 15:22
the problem is, people are scared of change.
the majority of us have only ever know of us being in the EU.
the stock markets plummeted, but they're recovering.
As will everything else.
we are leaving the EU get over it.

Reply Posted by Alan B on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 19:40
The FTSE 100 is now higher than what it was last Thursday

Reply Posted by Rambo on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 16:15
Great news the stock market is picking up and the pound is regaining its value Only the people who have no faith in this country voted to Remain. Which includes all our MP's including Dan jarvis who now wants to be leader of the Labour Party.. Why cant they pick a leader who has faith in this country to survive on its own !!

Reply Posted by Red Optimist on Wednesday June 29 2016 at 19:41
Why, is there anyone in the Labour party?

Reply Posted by sue on Monday July 4 2016 at 09:46
the EU was the outcome of the failed 2 wars. Read on line the nazi roots of the EU.Read the nazis and fascists who founded the eu.These werent the German people,they were the chemical/pharmaceutical/petro chemical cartels seeking to rule (and still are)this whole world.Come on ,waken up,no elected members in the eu,our country will make no laws for its people,they will have control over our police and military.Gmo crops that have viruses in them.(not for our good health either)Thank God two men put their lives on the line to inform us re this evil.Look at our nation that as been raped of manufacturing,sent to other lands.Look at all the countries that want to exit the beast system.The media arent showing us the truth,you have to search for it and research it.go on you tube and listen to the residents of Calais or the media who sought to do interviews in Sweden.If you do this research the Light will shine out of Barnsley,the Light that lightens all things,and the darkness will not be able to put it out.

Reply Posted by Mr E on Tuesday December 6 2016 at 11:05
The british public voted out and that should stand.never mind the other regions,ie wales scotland northern ireland,we are one nation and the nation has spoken