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MP Demands NHS Action From Government

Thursday June 28 2012

MP John Healey MP John Healey

A BARNSLEY MP has called for urgent action to protect the NHS after new statistics showed that the number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment has risen by 20 per cent.

John Healey spoke out after a recent survey showed the biggest drop in public satisfaction with the NHS in almost 30 years.

Results from the annual British Social Attitudes survey show that public satisfaction has fallen from 70 per cent last year to 53 per cent - the largest drop since the survey started in 1983.

The study, funded by the King’s Fund think tank, questioned 1,096 people about their views on health care between July and November last year. It also found drops in satisfaction with GPs, inpatient and outpatient services and accident and emergency services.

He said: “The lessons to be learnt from this survey are clear: people want to see their NHS properly protected.”

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Reply Posted by Goneshopping on Saturday June 30 2012 at 06:51
Scrap the NHS and do what other countries do - make everyone take out insurance for private health care --- would solve the immigrant problem too, as far too many people invade the country and expect our NHS to look after them without ever having to pay a penny into the system first - it is now a service that can not serve the hugly increased population of the UK

Reply Posted by Tony Nuttall on Monday July 2 2012 at 15:08
You are obviously a nasty piece of work.  The NHS is based on the civilised principle of sharing the risks and costs of ill health: as such it benefits us all and needs to be defended.  Most people who you refer to as "immigrants" were probably born in the UK.  And new immigrants contribute positively to the economy of the country and pay taxes like anyone else (except the bankers and senior executives of companies).  But, anyway, any human being, whether immigrant or not, deserves a decent health service.  The NHS is not unaffordable.  If the rich paid their taxes and the resources of the country were distributed more equally, we could even afford a much better health service than we have now.

Reply Posted by Clare Taylor on Wednesday March 27 2013 at 17:19
Barnsley nhs are useless.barnsley hospital r useless.my eyes have been severely swollen since july.overtime i try and get appointments they for me off.managed to get apointment for doncaster in may.told my gp what was happening with barnsley and he still wanted to send me there.he even phoned them to get my follow up appointment and they were making excuses to him too so he phoned doncaster.its not my fault barnsley don't have any doctors

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