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Town centre police team report drop in anti-social behaviour

Monday June 13 2016

The police say there has been a drop in reported town centre crime The police say there has been a drop in reported town centre crime

REPORTED anti-social behaviour in the town centre has dropped by nearly a third since the introduction of a dedicated police team.

Barnsley West LPT say there has been a 29% reduction in reported anti-social behaviour in the town centre since the team were introduced in May. 

They also say that there has been a 26% reduction in shoplifting since they came in. 

The team were introduced after a spate of anti-social incidents in and around the town centre, particularly in Peel Square.

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Reply Posted by Steven James on Monday June 13 2016 at 18:00
Possibly because of the crap weather we have been having perchance?

Reply Posted by Nicola on Monday June 13 2016 at 18:04
They might want to rethink on that. I've just had the pleasure of witnessing 30 youths trying to beat the crap out of a kid and then get a few punches in on the security guard trying to protect him in the bus station not 30 mins ago for the police to be called and not done a thing about it.

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Tuesday June 14 2016 at 08:30
Have these police team had a mental relapse and are they suffering obscured vision from the peaked caps?, The town resembles the Bronx on weekend nights


Reply Posted by Louise on Tuesday June 14 2016 at 19:48
The only way they will cut down the anti social behaviour in the town centre is to help the homeless, but are they going to do that? NO. They won't even admit we've got a problem with homelessness in barnsley let alone do anything about it. As for the youths in the bus station, well, how proud must their parents be. The police want to start punishing them when their kids do summat and then maybe they'll do summat about it!!

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Friday June 17 2016 at 19:38
The homeless need to start helping themselves. A great many of them are making a lifestyle choice. They choose to stick s**t into themselves, they choose to drink themselves into oblivion, they choose to go out robbing to fund their disgusting flea ridden lives... They choose all these above paying rent,gaining employment and paying taxes. So Louise I and many others have no empathy whatsoever for these drains on society.
They are making a choice!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Shambles on Friday June 17 2016 at 03:35
'Town Centre' must not stretch as far as the parks near town end roundabout - always about - scary. Plus the graffiti all over makes it look terrible.

Reply Posted by Rog on Saturday June 18 2016 at 10:06
So how come tho took so long?

Reply Posted by Andy on Saturday June 18 2016 at 10:40
I myself and my Fiancee have been targeted by police in town. Been told to move on, Been photographed for no reason as no crime was under suspicion or being acted out and also been threatened to receive up to 48hr banning orders out of town centre. A Friend of mine was grabbed and bruised by one officer, but she was too worried and intimidated to do anything about it.
I do not drink Alcohol due to medical reasons, and don't do drugs. I Have a problem with my spine and hips, and when passing through with my shopping, having a rest I usually chat with a couple to a few regulars that sit in town. We are even out of sight of most of town public, we have been harassed by these power hungry officers on several accounts. If it continues on a personal level to me and my partner an harassment case will be filed.

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