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Police search for arsonists

Wednesday June 8 2016

Police would like to speak to the men pictured Police would like to speak to the men pictured

POLICE investigating connected arson attacks - including two on homes in Barnsley - have released CCTV images of men they would like to speak to. 

Since October last year, police have received five reports of arson that appear to be linked to Richford Motors, a vehicle compound at Manvers, in Wath.     

Two arson incidents have been reported at the business itself, while a further three have been reported at the homes of its staff members.

Two of these were in Athersley North, while one was in Parson Cross, Sheffield. 

The most recent attack was reported on May 5, where the attackers set items on fire before throwing them into the company's yard, causing significant damage to a number of vehicles.

On May 26, the arsonists are understood to have approached the company in a silver VW Golf at around 2.30am - before they were disturbed and drove away from the scene.

Despite extensive enquiries, no arrests have been made.

Officers believe the two men pictured could hold vital information, but want to hear from anyone in  who may have witnessed suspicious activity.

Anyone with further information should call 101 or email enquiries@southyorks.pnn.police.uk quoting incident number 48 of 26 May 2016

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Reply Posted by albert on Wednesday June 8 2016 at 17:49
someone whos car as been snatched back for no tax or not paying for it

Reply Posted by Victoria on Wednesday June 8 2016 at 18:22
@Albert - sounds like a reasonable explanation. But that narrows it down to....erm, how many? Arson attacks on somebody's home, not the yard, is totally wrong.
Pity the CCTV isn't clearer, bloke on the left looks like a walrus.

Reply Posted by Unknown on Thursday June 9 2016 at 09:56
I lived next door to the gentleman who had two trucks fired outside his home in athersley north. First time it wasn't as bad but still it could've cost lives. Second time I had to be evacuated from my home with my children. Both me and the gentleman had children in are homes at the time. These attacks are targeted at the company and its bang out of order taking it out on the staff and their families.

Reply Posted by steve on Thursday June 9 2016 at 19:04
The police should get a better responce if they released the images if they released the images ealier

Reply Posted by Anon11111 on Saturday June 11 2016 at 17:16
Someone I know works for this firm and they tried to fire his lorry but luckily he scared them away before they got chance. What I dont get is why target the firm or the staff. The firm are only doing there job as they have the police contract its the police who officialy take the cars and they wouldnt do that if the scroats paid there way like the rest if us. Why they think there beyond the law beggers belief. If you dont want your car taken off you dont do owt wrong in first place. Plus this firm dont just do police work they do work for the likes of AA and Rac etc everyones first to complain when they been waiting an hour plus for recovery but they cant recover you when there lorries been burned out. Theres been other rumours of rival firms as well doing the firing so who knows????!!!!

Reply Posted by the grimreaper on Monday June 13 2016 at 08:48
These unsavoury lowlife require a severe thrashing. that may curb the firestarters

Reply Posted by You know on Monday June 20 2016 at 22:52
Obviously the rival competitor who lost contract due to working alongside criminals getting jealous as he has wagons sat gathering dust .

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