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Ardsley House to be demolished

Wednesday June 8 2016

27 houses will be built on the site 27 houses will be built on the site

ARDSLEY HOUSE HOTEL will be demolished to make way for 27 houses. 

Councillors said it a ‘sad day for Barnsley’ as they gave developers the all clear to demolish the building - which was built in 1773.

The former three-star hotel has been empty since July 2014 after owner St James’s Hotel Group conducted a review on its viability, making 50 staff redundant.

The proposals for the development have been submitted by Arncliffe Homes and Amberton Properties Ltd.

Several councillors welcomed the development, but said they would be sad to see the original building demolished.

Coun Robin Franklin said: “I can’t understand for the life of me why it couldn’t be retained. It’s a sad day, it’s a 18th century property we’ve destroyed. I welcome the development, but I’m sorry we could not retain the original house.”

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Reply Posted by Ada on Wednesday June 8 2016 at 16:06
Disgraceful, BMBC should bow their heads in shame! A beautiful building dating back to the 1700s demolished!! Soon our heritage will have completely disappeared for ever. What is wrong with these people? I'm sure a clause could have been put in place saying, retain the main house and turn it into apartments or something similar?? Demolish all the add ons etc by all means but retain the main house. Very sad.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Saturday June 11 2016 at 08:42
You are under the misapprehension that the Labour clowns @ BMBC give a monkeys about our heritage.
All they are interested in is getting their mitts on the "kickback" money that the developers will give them to squander on more ill fated projects.
Going off at a sight tangent here but they are hellbent on paving over vast swathes of our precious greenbelt land and will allow any tom dick and harry to build houses anywhere they god damn like and couldn't give a toss about what us locals think.
Houses that locals simply cant afford I hasten to add!
And STILL the SHEEP vote these Labour clowns in time after time!

Reply Posted by Dean on Friday June 10 2016 at 13:10
Its an old un-used building which noone cares about. If they did, we wouldnt be seeing it demolished. Someone would have popped up to buy or a group would have popped up to save it.

I'm sure you like it, but its a waste of land and the houses they put there will have a much better use than 'remember that when it was open'...

Reply Posted by Jackie fishlock on Friday June 10 2016 at 18:16
What a waste of a beautiful building i got married in ardersley house in august 2011 should be left alone.

Reply Posted by Patricia Robinson on Saturday June 11 2016 at 14:38
My older Sister Rita Robinson worked at Ardsley House as a Waitress also a cleaner back in the late Sixties and early 70s,She just loved it.

Reply Posted by Donna Coffen on Monday August 1 2016 at 18:26
I am in the USA and was hoping to see the house before the demolition. It is my family's home. It is breaking my heart to see it go, especially before I could even plan a trip to see it. I am a historian/preservationist in the USA

Reply Posted by Jane on Friday December 2 2016 at 09:11
I live in front of Ardsley House. I am sitting in my kitchen watching the demolition team tear the building apart. I could seriously weep. Those stones were no doubt delivered by horse and cart in the 1700s and now the cranes have arrived. I have been to parties there, weddings there, sung with my band there and held my father's funeral tea there. I can't believe it will be replaced by red brick boxes. The world has gone mad. What a travesty.

Reply Posted by Holly Russell on Monday December 5 2016 at 13:47
this is disgusting. how bmbc passed this i have no idea. surely this building was listed ?

Reply Posted by Paul on Saturday January 28 2017 at 13:24
Yes it's shame, but it's stood empty for 2 1/2 years, and nobody's come in for it. And we supposedly short of houses. At least Dean talks some sense, unlike Steven James making it a party political issue, and throwing around accusations of corruption..

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