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Legal highs no longer legal

Wednesday May 25 2016

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

LEGAL HIGHS are no longer legal thanks to a new act that comes in tonight. 

The Psychoactive Substances Act - strongly campaigned for by Labour MP Dan Jarvis - comes into force at midnight on Wednesday May 25. 

This means that Legal Highs will no longer be legal to produce, distribute or import.

Anyone caught breaking the new law could receive a seven year prison term. 

However, it is still not an offence to possess the drugs for personal use.

Legal Highs are psychoactive substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin, but are produced from chemicals that are unlicenced and dangerous to users.

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Reply Posted by happy on Wednesday May 25 2016 at 15:25
Thank god hopefully those dirty cretins in town will get caught out using n sellin it n be locked up anybody who takes these r damn right stupid !!!

Reply Posted by Not happy on Monday May 30 2016 at 11:37
'Using n sellin'....?!
I doubt that the same people ( 'dirty cretins' according to you) are both using and sellin' as those who are sellin' probably live comfortably, having made a lot of money out of people's weaknesses. People (let's not call them dirty cretins) who have been using legal highs have been drawn in by the colourful bags and funky names of substances they could buy for £5 until now.
Don't get too excited about people getting caught and locked up as prisons are rife with these substances - how does it happen that somebody can go to prison or a young offenders institution and get in debt to dealers while in there and filmed getting beaten to repay their debt by other inmates, the films then going on the internet.

Reply Posted by Jack on Wednesday May 25 2016 at 15:43
A step in the wrong direction. People are gonna do drugs whether they're legal or not. This is just going to push people who once bought legal highs to dealers who sell more harmful things. The war on drugs is a failure, history has shown us that prohibition never works. All drugs need to be decriminalised and softer drugs like cannabis fully legalised and regulated. Drug abuse should be treated as a social issue not a criminal one.

Reply Posted by Hmm on Wednesday May 25 2016 at 17:49
You'll never stop paedophilia, it has been going on since biblical times. Should it be decriminalised and treated as a social issue? Just because people break the law doesn't mean you remove the law

Reply Posted by Mike on Wednesday May 25 2016 at 19:18
Hmm comparing paedophilia to soft drug use is the reason why we can't have open and honest drug debates with narrow minded, dogmatic individuals such as yourself. Thank goodness the next generation are more tolerant and liberal. Next you'll be comparing paedophilia to speeding, let them have a £60 fine every time they touch a kid. It sounds absolutely nonsensical right? Exactly like your previous statement.

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Thursday May 26 2016 at 13:19
Every town center should have a large bowl of free drugs in the middle of it, users can have access to as much as they want - advantages: -
- it immediately puts drug dealers out of business and mitigates the need to steal to feed habits.
- The users overdose and massively reduce the long term strain they cause on other social resources
- the rest of society see the horrible demise of the users and this motivates people not to use drugs in the 1st place

Disadvantage - we have about 2 weeks of chaos and the need to stock up on tinned food and water, not to go outside etc.

AND DISCUSS - you self righteous keyboard warriors.

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday May 27 2016 at 15:53
I'm in.

Reply Posted by Anon on Sunday May 29 2016 at 15:42
Oh dear. I would be surprised if anyone wished to discuss the content of your post, other than to express concern for you and your attitude towards other people, wishing that drug users might overdose for example.

Reply Posted by Sara on Thursday July 14 2016 at 07:27
Well done & thank you Dan Jarvis!
In 2014 The Aracde in Barnsley was blighted by a shop selling these drugs, shop owners & customers were frightened by people shopping at a "legal high" shop selling these drugs and then suffering the affects of taking them. The drug users were vomiting, behaving in a threatening ways & ambulances & the police were having to be called. Why should shoppers & shop owners have to put up with this?
Now they don't, in The Victorian Arcade the legal high shop has closed and it is again a pleasant place to shop, trade has increased & there is again pride in this part of town.
So it's great news for the traders & shoppers that this law has been passed!