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Fire warning over cheap products

Tuesday May 24 2016

Fire chiefs have issued a warning Fire chiefs have issued a warning

BARNSLEY folk are being warned not to buy cheap unbranded electrical chargers and e-cigarettes after a rise in electrical fires in South Yorkshire.

Fire chiefs say that electricity is involved in around two thirds of all accidental house fires, with household appliances the most common culprits.

South Yorkshire Fire Service Head of community safety Trevor Bernard, said: “This isn’t about scaremongering but about making sure that consumers have all the available safety information.

“The vast majority of electrical goods are manufactured to very high safety standards, but sometimes if they are misused or if there is a fault with the device they can start a fire.

“The simple truth is that homes have more small electrical devices in them than probably any time in our history- from tablets and mobile phones, to e-cigarettes and games consoles.

“Unfortunately, we can’t get round everyone’s home to check the safety of their electrics for them.

“But by raising awareness of the biggest safety issues. we hope we can give people the knowledge to check their own electrics and hopefully prevent a serious fire.”

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Reply Posted by General Lee on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 22:07
It's not the People of Barnsley you need to tell ... It's sites like Ebay that need to be legally responsible for the products they allow to be be advertised ... Its called Consumer Protection and by the way IT IS COVERED BY AN ACT OF PARLIAMENT... so perhaps yet again, Trading Standards should put their coffee cups down and do their jobs. Or is it too complicated because HMRC cant seem to work out if they should pay tax or not.

Reply Posted by BillyNoMates on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 23:13
That's why I only use reputable companies for my vaping devices, like the Totally Wicked shop at Wombwell!

Reply Posted by Del boy trotter on Thursday May 26 2016 at 05:02

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