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Police seize vehicles as part of road operation

Tuesday May 24 2016

Police seized 69 vehicles Police seized 69 vehicles

POLICE seized 69 vehicles - arresting 23 people - as part of a road operation last week.

Over 1000 vehicles were stopped, 69 vehicles were seized and 23 people were arrested during Operation Trivium.

The operation was aimed at disrupting criminal activity by denying travelling, foreign criminals use of the roads.

Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood from the JSOU said: “We’ve had another successful week for Operation Trivium and the results speak for themselves.

“We searched and seized both UK and Foreign National vehicles, demonstrating that we will take firm action against anyone suspected of being involved in criminality.

“Operations like this are not about targeting communities, but rather those individuals who use our roads networks in order to commit crimes.

“We were also able to recover over £4,000 in outstanding fines and recovered drugs worth around £37,500.

“We are absolutely committed to making our region safer and this operation is just one example of how we do this.”

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Reply Posted by General Lee on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 13:57
Fantastic, money well spent this is the service we need.. Its about time that any Foreign registered car was made to have the Full Three UK statutory requirements Tax, Test & MOT if they reside or work in the UK from the day they arrive .. that would cut the need for this type of operation and raise revenues and stop the loss to UK insurance companies.

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 15:00
Good to hear it. Cost me £80 a month to insure and tax my car, why should these low lifes get away without paying it, or using the roads as race tracks in bangers.

Reply Posted by ???? on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 15:28
When taken that this happened over all 43 forces, with help from Romanian, Lithuanian police and Europe, these figures aren't much to scream about

Reply Posted by ?!?!?!?!?!! on Tuesday May 24 2016 at 17:12
Who's screaming about it? It's a start, isn't it. Don't think the whole of Europe has been on red alert - their systems just checking out info from ours, I suppose.

Reply Posted by Mrs ahh well on Wednesday May 25 2016 at 13:54
Shame we don't have the so called resources for this to be happening on a permanent basis!

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Wednesday June 8 2016 at 14:04
a fine and a reet good thrashing . lovely says the reaper