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Barnsley town centre team release crime update

Thursday May 19 2016

South Yorkshire Police South Yorkshire Police

A BARNSLEY police team has given an update on criminal activity in the town centre - including an arrest made in Peel Square.

Barnsley West LPT say that five people have been issued with a 'direction to leave' so far this week - which if breached may result in up to a £1000 fine.

They also say that one person has been arrested and charged to court for a public order offence following an incident in Peel Square.

No anti-social behavior has been reported in the town centre in the last 24 hours.

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Reply Posted by Andrew on Thursday May 19 2016 at 12:28
Do they really think fining someone who has no way of paying a fine is going to stop them coming back!? That's like when the police give people a driving ban for driving without a licence!

Reply Posted by Hmm on Thursday May 19 2016 at 12:28
Only 5 people and Thursday. How come I saw a group of more than 5 people acting unsociable yesterday then?

If course it hasn't been reported, nobody sees the point anymore when the police only think five people in a week are worth moving on

Reply Posted by N on Thursday May 19 2016 at 12:37
Well they were still hanging about this morning so not doing that good a job! They want to speak to people who work in the town centre, they could point you out the members of the group straight away.

Reply Posted by Jan on Thursday May 19 2016 at 12:41
It's good that some action is being taken, but they are still there openly drinking ect. I saw someone drinking at 5:00pm on Tuesday. not a policeman, PSO etc in sight

Reply Posted by sand french on Thursday May 19 2016 at 13:44
Too little too late Barnsley is a disgrace ......shame on ALL authorities for letting it go on all these years

Reply Posted by Bookie on Friday May 20 2016 at 07:24
Just saying;
I work in one of the bookmakers in peel square, opposite the toilets.
It has to be said that its beyond a joke.

Our customers don't feel safe when these idiots are out in their huge crowds.
And before anyone says it: it's not even the Eastern Europeans anymore... It's our own townsfolk, with addictions and too much time on their hands.

They've had free reign for far too long, and now they think they have some sort of claim to the area. If the police came in Plain Clothes for an hour or two to see what they're actually like when they know they're not being watched - they'd have plenty more than 5 arrests in One Hour - never mind a week.

Fighting, begging, drinking in public, dealing drugs, refusing to move to let customers in
The language (when decipherable and coherent) is disgraceful .
Needs sorting NOW

Reply Posted by Steven James on Friday May 20 2016 at 08:45
Its wanted sorting for a long time Bookie, problem now is the undesirables think they can do what the hell they want.
I went into town the other day (a very rare occurrence) and there were half a dozen loitering near peel street lavs shouting and balling and not a bobby in sight.
Plenty of them enforcement officers trying to catch fok throwing tab ends down though!

Reply Posted by Onlyme on Sunday May 22 2016 at 20:45
Whilst walking down eldon st north last Thursday 2.30 pm , I had to move aside due to four teenagers chasing a young lad about 12yrs old . They chased him along mottram st. We don't need this behaviour.

Reply Posted by emptytoe on Monday May 23 2016 at 15:45
This is not just a problem in Barnsley town centre in February this year the council moved 1 heroin user who starts drinking as soon as she gets up, there are at least 3 people stopping there and a dog it's a 1 bedroom flat I finally got fed up and got in touch with the anti social behavior team, when the dog is not tied to a post with a chain unable to lie down sit or get into the shade, he is running round crazy he's gone for me my neighbour, I also have a school behind my property and at the top of my street so he's also gone for school children, and attacked the postman god knows how many times I ended up in an argument with her the last time this happened when I called her dirty smackhead which I have been pulled up on by the council.

I've filled in all the forms there have been cameras up and sound boxes other people have also complained about there behaviour across from us it is a gated area where elderly and disabled people live, last week it kicked off again and after listening to them arguing for 3 hours calling the police and them saying there was nothing they could do cause even though they'd threatened an old man they were inside there property now I went up to the council offices and got the anti social behavior officer down to listen, the woman's who's property it is ran off an other bloke also disappeared and one girl came out and went crazy at one point myself and 6 council people had to run into the offices where she was kicking the door trying to get to us, she was finally arrested about an hour later the antisocial behaviour team contacted me the woman's who's flat it is had returned with a family member and they were really concerned for my safety as she was making threats against me so WAS THERE SOMEWHERE I COULD GO STOP FOR THE NIGHT CAUSE THEY WERE REALLY WORRIED FOR ME, why should I go somewhere else because they've done something wrong, I have pets 1 is a 6 month old kitten so I can't just up and leave so I stayed and had to listen to a afternoon of threats where she was going to rip my head off and knock me all round the flat, I was given a crime number for this, at half 10 her friend who had been arrested returned to the property I then had to spend the night listening to threats being shouted through my letter box which again I was given a crime number for, a week later they are still acting the same drug dealers turning up, dog loose screaming shouting and swearing all the time, I have lost count of the number of crime numbers I've got and now decided it is not worth doing anything anymore, the rules, regulations and law protects them, not law abiding citizens who pay there bills and work I am now going to move instead as I can't see the point of doing anything about it anymore